(the almost) no sew bed rail cover

Lena’s new (big girl) bedroom redo is coming very soon! However, one thing that has been holding me up with the post is her bed rail. It’s just so practical and not cute. So, rather than wait on her to not need it anymore (or go through the trouble of taking in off for the […]

my boys’ bedroom

I haven’t updated my boys bedroom much these past few years, but I thought I’d showcase it since you’ve never seen it. We moved the boys in together (they were 3 and 5 at the time) a few years ago before our daughter was born. I LOVE having the boys share a room. Bedtime is […]

father’s day (free!) printables

In honor of all the dads out there, I’m offering free printables: a badge for dad proudly wear on his day (my kids think badges are pretty awesome) and a card perfect for adding to his breakfast tray. Just click on this link to download a PDF file: Fun printable Dad Stuff Enjoy! sincerely, sara […]

master redo

I recently updated our master bedroom. I needed (okay, wanted) something different. My first attempt was to stencil the main wall because I thought it would be easier than painting the entire master bedroom. We have some high places, and the room is just annoying to paint. Unfortunately, I hated the result of the stencil. […]

inexpensive stairway/hallway update

I hated my stairway and the upstairs hall. They’re well worn, thanks to three kids and eight years. The walls had permanent dirty hand marks and the baseboards have been nicked and scratched. Eight years of running up and down those stairs was really beginning to show. We need new carpet, but that’s coming later. […]

an elmo-ish birthday celebration

We had an elmo-inspired birthday party for my two-year-old over the weekend. I love making my kids happy, but I’m not a huge character-themed party fan. So, I tend to have birthday parties that are “inspired” by my kid’s favorite character. For example, I may only buy the themed napkins and go with solid colored […]

saying goodbye to the nursery

Lena turned two yesterday. She’s the youngest of our three, so there is a definite finality with this birthday. I’m excited for what’s next, but I also hate saying goodbye to her baby days. So, this blog is devoted to saying goodbye to the last of my nurseries. But, it’s also a way to welcome […]

painting bathroom cabinets

We have HUGE news in the Davis home…my husband said he was “fine” with me painting the kitchen cabinets! After confirming that I wasn’t dreaming, I immediately got ready to paint! However, I know painting kitchen cabinets is an enormous undertaking. I’ve heard horror stories from people who have done it. So, I decided to […]

Turn Glass into “Pottery”

A few months ago in Martha Stewart Living magazine, I saw a spread on white dishes. They were so clean and beautiful, and the image stuck with me. When we built our house over 8 years ago, we went with white appliances because they were more affordable. Unfortunately (?) those white appliances are still going […]

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