Bed Turned Bench

Last summer, I got a little addicted to the local Facebook marketplace.  I especially loved the furniture category, and this was one of my purchases: I thought the headboard detail was so pretty, and I knew it would make a cute bench. It was a really easy project (mainly because […]

Take Them Off – Remove Cabinet Doors!

I’m the middle of three girls, and I get a lot of great ideas from my creative sisters. On a recent trip to my sister’s {Heather’s} house, I noticed she had removed some of her cabinet doors. It made a HUGE difference. Heather is currently renting this house, so it’s […]

Silhouettes Revisited

Last year, I posted an easy silhouette project you can do with supplies you should have on hand.  You can check out the original post by clicking here, but here are the (easy!) steps: 1) Take a profile photo of the person you want to be featured in your silhouette. […]

DIY Perfect Chalkboard Lettering

{If you’re new here, let’s connect!  Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.} I love chalkboard art, but free handing lettering drives me crazy.  I’m an impatient perfectionist, and I’ve discovered a way to (quickly) get pretty chalkboard lettering every time… 1) You’ll need a chalkboard. *I made a mirror into a chalkboard.  {Chalkboard […]

mod podging memories

I discovered “mod podging” (or decopodge) in college.  Maybe we were weird (I prefer to think we were trendsetters), but my friends and I would mod podge whatever we could get our hands on – frames, boxes, photo albums –  you name it.  It was an inexpensive but sentimental gift. […]

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