my spray painted home

I’ve been spray painting for over a decade now. I’ve gone through a lot of cans of spray paint, and I am a little embarrassed to admit how many cans I have sitting in my basement right now. I may be (somewhat obsessed), but I’m grateful for whoever invented spray […]

color theory confusion

Apparently I should have payed a little closer attention in my color theory class in college.  But then again, it was a long time ago. I have my kitchen walls painted in Pittsburgh Paint’s “Toffee Crunch” and my family room is painted in Valspar’s “Cincinnatian Hotel Briggs Beige.”   My […]

a (fabric inspired) bathroom update

Isn’t fabric fun? It’s so fun that it can inspire a complete bathroom update. This was my kids/guest bathroom.  I was attempting to make if fun while keeping some sophistication.  I didn’t succeed. While on pinterest one day, I noticed a pin for a bathtub/shower valance: It got my wheels […]

updated silhouettes

Silhouettes or cutting portraits (generally in profile) from black card became popular in the mid-18th century.  I’ve updated the idea a little by placing my family’s silhouettes on fun papers and while keeping a classic oval frame.  I also added a cute little initial to each silhouette. I took the […]

beautifying a builder’s grade bathroom

I’m a suburban dweller dealing with builder grade bathrooms.  Although we would love to remodel the bathrooms someday, now isn’t the time.  So, here’s my inexpensive solution: I have a nice size tub with a not so exciting faucet and floors.  So, rather than have you focus on the lack […]

bad gone good

I love the idea of vinyl wall decals, but I don’t love their flat commercial feel.  I love hand painted walls, but I don’t have the patience to create one.  So, here’s my solution! I painted the wall the color I want the decal to be.  In this case, a […]

fabric, frames and spray paint

Want an easy solution for the wall behind your couch?  Check out my fun (and obsessively symmetrical) fabric frames:  Create this look by gathering up all your old frames (or search for them at bargain prices at garage sales and thrift stores).  In my case, I’m naturally drawn to symmetry […]

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