Painting Furniture Tutorial Series

I’m celebrating the release of my new eBook with a Painting Furniture Tutorial Series!  I won’t go as in depth as I do in my book, but I will provide you with the basic steps to painting a piece using different paint types.

Painting Furniture Tutorial Series by Sincerely Sara D

I am providing tutorials for five different types of paints:

Latex Paint

Click HERE for the Latex Paint Furniture Painting Tutorial.


Chalk Type Paint

Click HERE for the Chalk-Type Paint Furniture Painting Tutorial.


Milk Paint

Click HERE for the Milk Paint Furniture Painting Tutorial.


Spray Paint

Click HERE for the Spray Paint Furniture Painting Tutorial


Oil-Based Paint

Click HERE for the Oil-Based Paint Furniture Painting Tutorial. 


If you want more detailed tutorials and information on painting furniture with chalk-type paint, milk paint, spray paint, latex paint and oil-based paint, then you need to check out my eBook, Painting Furniture.


Painting Furniture eBook 4.99

It is only $4.99 for the instant download and full of photos and tutorials.  Here’s a sample page from the Milk Paint chapter:

Painting Furniture Sample Page

Click HERE to purchase!



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