Adding Natural Light with VELUX

Adding Natural Light with VELUX has made such a difference in our bonus room.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of VELUX Skylights. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have shared almost every room in our home.

Adding Natural Light to the Man Cave with VELUX

But there is one room that’s been kept secret, and it’s the man cave.

We watch TV and spend most evenings in this space.  It is a large room (it spans the length of our 3 car garage) but only has one tiny window.  The room is like a tunnel and nearly impossible to photograph due to the poor lighting.

I had to use my light kit to capture these not-so-great photos (you can see one of the lights in the photo below – right hand corner of the room).

With the poor lighting (and almost no natural light), this room has never been blog-worthy.

Besides the poor lighting, the room was covered in popcorn ceilings.

Since moving in, we have talked about different solutions for brightening up the room.  We liked the idea of window dormers, but the cost was crazy.

Obviously, we were beyond excited when VELUX Skylights ( contacted us about adding more natural light with VELUX.

Our plan is to add four VELUX No-Leak Skylights along our south wall.

Before we add those skylights we wanted to make use of the ceilings and make them more of a fifth wall (you can find more 5th wall design inspiration at To do that, the popcorn ceiling had to go…

Since we’ve never removed the popcorn ceiling (and this room has a crazy amount of popcorn), we hired a professional.

It was a messy week followed by lots and lots (and lots) of painting.

We painted the walls and the slanted ceilings the same color of the walls to make them feel more like a wall rather than a ceiling. Here is a cheesy photo of me posing in my paint-covered clothes when we finished painting the room late one evening.

Our tiny window barely provides any natural light let alone fresh air.  By installing VELUX no leak solar powered “fresh air” skylights, we will have natural light from above, fresh air, and a sky view.  The skylights will open to release warm air that rises to the ceiling and by also opening our existing window, we can create a breeze that cools your home without having to use the AC. This passive ventilation was something we can never do without the skylights.

I love to open windows on pretty days, and there are times I hated to go into the Man Cave because it felt like a dungeon.  By adding these four skylights, we’ll be able to open them and connect us to the outside. Remember lying on the grass as a child and staring up at the clouds? That’s what we’ll be able to do in our home!

The skylights we’re installing are solar-powered, so no wiring is required at installation, and they come with energy-efficient glass.  We will have peace of mind with VELUX skylights because they come with a no-leak warranty on product and installation.

We are going to also add solar skylight blinds for light control and a splash of color on the ceiling.  This way, we can shut out the light if we’re ever watching tv during the day.

Possibly my favorite feature about the skylights is that they have a built-in rain sensor that automatically closes the skylight at the first sign of rain.  The fresh air skylights can be programmed to open and close on a schedule for regular home airing. Home airing is important because it releases moisture and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can build up as a result of everyday activities such as showering, washing, breathing, using household cleaners.

We’re excited for the skylight installation within the next few weeks, and we are so excited to have a brighter more welcoming space.  I’ll continue to share the progress of the space as installation begins.

**UPDATED – See the FINAL REVEAL here!

Stay tuned!

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