Barn Door Headboards

This past Labor Day, I went with my family to an old farm for my first ever barn picking.  It was a blast!

Old Barn

The barn belonged to my husband’s great-grandparents, and it was full of all kinds of treasures.  You just had to look past the layers of dirt and (lots of) raccoon poop.

Barn Door Headboard 1

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with all the stuff we found (I still haven’t found a new home for everything), but I was pretty pumped with all my treasures.  I put my kids to works, and we washed down everything with soap and water.  It was pretty nasty. We found two similar-sized barn doors, and I really wanted to use them as headboards in my boys’ room.

Barn Door Headboard 3

I sanded off what I couldn’t wash off.

Barn Door Headboard 2

I sanded and sanded and sanded.

Barn Door Headboard 4

Once the sanding was done, I stained it with “Special Walnut” from Minwax.  The two doors soaked it up, and I used the entire 32 oz can on the doors (and I only stained the front).  We had to keep the doors out in the garage for over a week since the smell from the stain was so strong.

Barn Door Headboard 5

Here you can see a side-by-side comparison of the doors before and after staining.

Barn Door Headboard 6

We (by “we” I mean my husband) mounted wall lamps to both barn doors for the boys to use and bed lights.

Barn Door Headboard 7

I found the lamps at Lowes.

Barn Door Headboard 8

“We” screwed two wooden blocks into studs for each barn door.  This allowed us to mount the doors to the wall and provided space for the cord and plug.

Barn Door Headboard 9

We lucked out because there were two outlets right behind where we were placing the beds.

Barn Door Headboard 10

Here’s Steve hard at work. Sorry ladies, he’s mine. 🙂

Boys Barn Door Headboards

And here’s the finished result!

Barn Door Headboards 14

The bedding is made up of (mainly sale items) I found at Target, West Elm, Pottery Barn Teen, and Lowes (the red and white pillows are actually outdoor pillows).

Barn Door Headboard 12

Boys Barn Door Headboards 1

I found the cute little animal pillows on Etsy.

Boys Barn Door Headboards 5

I bought this railroad sign off a friend, and I have no idea where she got it.

Boys Barn Door Headboards 2

I’m currently addicted to finding The Hardy Boys books.  I randomly come across them at flea markets and garage sales.

Boys Barn Door Headboards 4

I bought the red nightstand from Target and my old soda crates fit perfectly inside!  The boys fill them with their books and magazines.

Boys Barn Door Headboards 6

We recently picked up a couple of desks from IKEA for the boys.  I’ll post more of the entire room soon once we get everything organized.   Go create something!

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