Best Blue Paint Colors

Blue is one of the world’s most popular colors. Nearly half of men and one-third of women claim blue as their favorite color. It is the color of the skies and ocean and lifts our mood and improves the energy of a space. It is a fantastic color, and today I’m sharing four of the best blue paint colors.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dutch Boy. All opinions are 100% mine.

The bookshelves in my office have been black for several years now, and it has always felt too dark. Loving the monochromatic look that is so popular right now, I decided to paint the bookshelves, trim, and walls blue.

The perfect blue paint color search began at Menards where Dutch Boy paint is sold.

Paint Color Selection

Selecting the perfect paint color can be overwhelming. However, Dutch Boy offers guidance through various resources like these booklets found within their color library (which includes more than 1,300 colors)!

I narrowed the colors to four mid-toned blues.

I purchased four sample pots of each.

The Best Blue Paint Colors

  • Neutraled Blue 429-4DB (Top Left)

Of the four blues, Neutraled Blue has the strongest green undertone. It is a beautiful color, but it could shift from blue to green depending on the lighting.

  • Whiskful 432-4DB (Top Right)

Whiskful is a classic dusty blue or what some may refer to as baby blue.

  • Rustic Blue 430-4DB (Bottom Left)

Rustic Blue has a very slight green undertone. However, its green undertone isn’t as strong as that of Neutraled Blue.

  • Monument Gray 433-4DB (Bottom Right)

Monument Gray is more like Whiskful in that it’s bluer than the other two with green undertones. However, it does lean towards gray since it has more black.

Test Paint Samples in your Home

I painted the four paint colors on the bookshelves and a different wall to study the lighting. The colors will look different throughout the day with the lighting shifts. Ultimately, I decided on Rustic Blue by Dutch Boy.

Best Paint to Use for Bookshelves and Trim

I made the mistake of using regular latex paint on my bookshelves, AND I went with a matte finish. They were hard to keep clean as they collected so much dust.

However, this time around I chose Dutch Boy Platinum Plus Cabinet, Door, and Trim because it offers ultra-durable enamel and features an anti-block formula that prevents sticking to contact surfaces such as door jambs, windows, and cabinets and it offers exceptional adhesion and provides a mildew-resistant coating.

For my sanity, I painted the bookshelves in sections. I allowed the paint to dry 24 hours before returning the books back to the shelves.

Less than a gallon of paint was used for the entire wall of shelves! I was incredibly pleased with the fantastic coverage. Most of the shelves were covered in one coat of paint.

A brush was used for the edges, corners, and trim, and a small roller for everything else.

We are loving the brighter, more beautiful space! I believe in the power of paint, and this project is a great example of how you can transform a space without spending a fortune.

Dutch Boy paint helps simplify the DIY, and I can’t wait to share the final reveal soon!

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