Best Flooring for Rooms

We have a variety of flooring in our home – everything from hardwoods to luxury vinyl planks to tile to carpet. After testing out so many types of flooring, I thought it would be helpful for me to share the best flooring for rooms in your home.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of STAINMASTER®. All opinions are 100% mine.

There are four obvious choices when it comes to selecting flooring for every room in your home:

  • Carpet
  • Vinyl (I’ll be discussing LVP luxury vinyl planks)
  • Wood
  • Tile

Best Flooring For Rooms:

Mudroom and Entryways

Best Flooring for Every Room

The mudroom and entryway are spaces that see lots of use and constant tracking in of the outside elements.

We had white tile in our mudroom, and it showed EVERY SINGLE piece of dirt. It drove me mad.

Last year, we replaced our tile with LVP. Luxury Vinyl Planks are durable and will hold up to high traffic and muddy shoes.

We selected STAINMASTER® luxury vinyl (Phenix natural) which provides the look of beautifully realistic wood, plus STAINMASTER® durability and easy maintenance.

Laundry Rooms

Best Flooring For Every Room

Laundry rooms are a space where you have to consider moisture and water. Tile and LVP are great choices, but with all the standing, luxury vinyl planks are less harsh to stand on. We have it in our laundry room and love the aesthetics and durability.


Bathrooms are another space where water and moisture must be taken into consideration. I have porcelain tile in several bathrooms but be careful because it can be slippery and cold (you can have heating coils installed if you want to warm up the floors).

Luxury Vinyl Plank is waterproof, and you can lay them in unique patterns which is perfect for a bathroom. We have LVP in two of our bathrooms, and it is so easy to maintain.

Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, and Family Rooms

Often, the dining room, living room (or family room) are connected, so continuity is important and should be considered.

Hardwood is a common flooring seen in these living spaces but keep in mind that kids toys, furniture feet, and pets claws can scratch wood flooring. However, hardwood is warm and inviting.

Carpet makes for a comfortable space – especially if you like to stretch out on the floor in front of the TV. Also, if your living space (like a bonus room) is on the second floor, carpet will help muffle sound.

We selected STAINMASTER® carpet for our home:

  • Upstairs Carpet: Power Point in White Dove
  • Stairway Carpet: Bora Bora in Harbor Lights
  • Master Bedroom: Braided Opulence in Flannel

Luxury Vinyl Plank is great if you love the look of wood but want something more durable. To make LVP cozier in these living spaces, add a couple of area rugs (many STAINMASTER® styles can be made into area rugs).


The key to flooring in a bedroom is warmth, comfort and style.

There’s no denying that wood flooring and Luxury Vinyl Planks are aesthetically pretty in a bedroom, carpet just reigns for a reason. Bedrooms are meant to be comfortable, and carpet provides comfort that no other flooring can.

We went with a lighter carpet to brighten up our space, and we can rest easy knowing all STAINMASTER® carpets include a *lifetime warranty on stain, soil, static shock and pet urine.

*Please review your retailer’s STAINMASTER® limited lifetime warranty for more details.


Carpet makes a space like a basement cozier and is good for all the traffic, wear and tear basements (and the stairs leading down to the basement) see from a family.

Luxury Vinyl Plank is a fantastic solution for basements both for its water resistance (basements have high humidity since they are below ground level) and durability.

And last, but not least….the heart of the home.


The kitchen is one of the hardest working spaces in the house, and it seeing lots of spills and heavy usage.

Porcelain tile is always a good choice for durability, but it is cold and hard. My in-laws had tile in their kitchen and ended up replacing it because it hurt her back to stand on it – and standing is a must in a kitchen as you prepare meals.

We have hardwood flooring in our kitchen, and although beautiful, it hasn’t held up well. We paid to have them refinished soon after moving in, and we have floorboards that have major water damage (I overflowed my kitchen sink not once but TWICE). Also, the kids have dented the floor with the counter stools.

If I had the choice, I would have Luxury Vinyl Planks in the kitchen. It provides the warm, inviting look of wood without the maintenance issues

Best Flooring For Every Room

We have everything from carpet to LVP to hardwood to tile in our home, so I can honestly say that there is a place for each of these types of flooring as well and pros and cons for each.

Being new to our LVP (almost a year in), we have been incredibly pleased. For me, aesthetics are incredibly important, and LVP has come a long way in creating realistic graphics on the flooring surface. They also have texture options that feel like the grain of the wood, and it’s incredibly thick and durable (and very resistant to scratching).

I hope I’ve helped you decide on the best flooring for every room in your home! Are you looking for shopping or selection help with flooring? GO HERE for tips.

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