How to Paint Exterior Doors

How to Paint Exterior Doors is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Modern Masters. All opinions are 100% mine.

How to paint exterior doors

It is amazing how quickly painting exterior doors can transform your home. It is an inexpensive and easy way to add curb appeal, and I am going to share (step-by-step) how to paint exterior doors.

Several years ago, I used Modern Masters (never-fades) Front Door Paint on our front door (see more on that transformation HERE). I wanted a classic black for our home, so I painted the door in Modern Masters Elegant.

It has been several years, and the door paint still looks great. Our other exterior doors have been crying out for help (lots of yellowing has occurred over the years), so I decided to paint two more of our exterior doors using the Front Door paint.

The reason I love this paint is because it is water-based (clean up is a breeze), it LASTS, and it doesn’t require a primer (if you are painting over a water-based paint).

Here’s a quick video of how I painted two of our exterior doors:

Before you begin painting, you will want to make sure your door was painted with water-based (latex) paint. You can test this with a rag and rubbing alcohol. If paint doesn’t come off, then you know it was painted with an oil-based paint and will need to use a primer first. If paint does come off, you are good to go!

How to Paint Exterior Doors:

Prep the Door.

Clean off any debris/dirt from the door and use painter’s tape on any glass, hardware and hinges (I kept my door on the hinges for ease). Use a sand block to remove paint drips and/or rust, and put a drop-cloth under the door to avoid splatters or drips.

You also need to make sure it is going to be a rain-free, warmer day. I typically only paint when it is above 60 degrees.

Paint Hard-To-Reach Areas with a Brush.

Begin by painting the sides of the doors, areas around glass and hardware and any inset panels with a brush.

In regards to the door edge, the general rule is when a door is painted different colors on two sides each side gets a different color. The hinged edge gets the outside color when the door swings in. If the door swings
out, it is the opposite.

Use a Roller for Painting the Door.

Using a roller will eliminate brush marks. I have found that rollers similar to those that you use to paint walls (only smaller) work best. The foam rollers tend to leave paint lines/marks.

Paint Several Coats and Allow for Dry Time.

Do not skimp on paint. You will want to use 2-3 coats of paint, but be sure to allow for proper dry time between coats.

Once Dry, Remove Painter’s Tape and Touch-Up Where Needed.

Carefully remove the painter’s tape once the doors is painted and dry. You may need to use a smaller brush to touch-up areas.

Now enjoy your beautiful, newly-painted door(s)!

Modern Masters Front Door Paint comes in a large selection of colors and the never-fades technology will keep your door looking as nice as the day it was painted!

Go create something!

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