Beautiful Cabinet Color

Beautiful Cabinet Color

I am asked all the time about the color of our kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately our cabinets came finished in this beautiful cabinet color, and although I had them color-matched, I was never able to direct you to a specific brand or color – until TODAY!

I partnered with Amy Howard Home to share their Color of the Month, and I was thrilled when I opened up the can.

This month’s Color of the Month is Front Porch Swing, and it is a beautiful, bluish-gray which is almost an EXACT match to my kitchen cabinets!

In order to gain access to this color and any of the past colors, you will need to join The Color of the Month Club. The Color of the Month Club is a monthly subscription where Color of the Month subscribers will receive a new color every month exclusive to the club.

It’s just slightly bluer and a little darker, but it’s REALLY close.

This paint (Amy Howard Home One Step Paint) is like magic. It goes on smooth and requires no sanding, prepping, or priming. I have One Step Paint on our laundry room cabinets, and it has held up so well for years. I like to seal it with this Matte Sealer. One Step Paint is perfect for everyone from beginners to professionals.

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I painted a stool (which you can find HERE) in the color Front Porch Swing, and it is SO pretty!

If you’re not already decorating with blue gray, you’ll want to consider adding it into your decor – and possibly even your cabinets since it is a beautiful cabinet color. It’s a color that works with most decor styles and brings calm to any space.

Let’s talk about the color theory behind blue gray.

Blue gray is a simple as mixing a little blue with a little gray.

Image Via The Virtual Instructor

Gray is an intermediate color between black and white. It’s a neutral color or achromatic color that means without color because it’s derived from white and black.

Now, gray doesn’t stop here. There are cool grays (like the blue gray we’re discussing) and warm grays.

Image via The Virtual Instructor

When infused with blue, gray has the ability to take on the hues of these colors in a way that gives gray a completely fresh look.

Blue is the perfect addition gray. It’s a primary color and can build a sense of calm. It’s the most loved color which is why it’s so great for decorating.

History of blues and grays…

A little history behind gray: in the Middle Ages, gray was the color of undyed wool and the most common color worn by the peasants on the poor.

During the Renaissance, gray began to play an important role in fashion and art. Black became the most popular color of the nobility, particularly in Italy, France, and Spain, and grey and white were harmonious with it.

Grey became a highly fashionable color in the 18th century, both for women’s dresses and for men’s waistcoats and coats. It looked particularly luminous coloring the silk and satin fabrics worn by the nobility and wealthy.

The grey business suit appeared in the mid-19th century in London; light grey in summer, dark grey in winter; replacing the more colorful palette of men’s clothing early in the century.

Fast forward to now, and gray has reigned high in home decor for close to a decade now.

Using blue gray in decor

Blue Gray works well with many different colors and your options are really endless since it often acts as a neutral.

As I mentioned earlier, I have blue gray cabinets in our kitchen. I crave color, so I added pops of pink and love the contrast of the cabinets with the darker navy walls in the next room.

Blue gray looks gorgeous with natural woods. Notice how the vanity highlights any grays in the wood floor.

Blue gray also work well with black. The addition of black doesn’t make this space less dark, but it adds a touch of sophistication – especially with the black and gold combo.

I created color palettes using Front Porch Swing and other Amy Howard One Step Paint colors.

One Step Paint Color Palettes:

The first is color combo is very soothing.

Front Porch SwingBallet WhitePalmer Pink

This next color palette adds some more blues to the mix and a green (which remember is created using blue and yellow).

Front Porch SwingCartouche GreenLakai Blue

The final palette is a little more bold, and although there’s another blue, I’ve also added a pinkish red.

Front Porch SwingChinese RedLading Singing the Blues

Where would you add blue gray to your home?

Go create something!

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