Decorating with Pink

Today we are talking about decorating with pink and focusing on light pink specifically.

Now, before you run away from the idea of decorating with pink, remove any association with Barbie’s dream house from your head.

Pink doesn’t need to be treated with caution. Despite its reputation as a girlish color, it can actually bring sophistication when teamed with the right colors.

When it comes to home interior design, blush pink seems to be the most popular hue choice. This is probably due to the fact that it tends to act more neutral and combines nicely with so many different color choices.

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I partnered with Amy Howard Home to share their Color of the Month.

The Color of the Month Club is a monthly subscription where Color of the Month subscribers will receive a new color every month exclusive to the club. This month’s Color of the Month is Vintage Rose, and it is a light, blush pink – which is why we’re talking about decorating with pink.

I used this month’s color on my daughter’s bathroom vanity, and it makes the space inviting and fun.

Pink in Nature

Pink occurs naturally in nature in sunrises, and sunsets, in the coloring of tropical birds, in some gemstones, and in a variety of flowers.

Color Psychology of Pink

In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. This color represents love and compassion and has a naturally calming effect on the home.

Different shades of pink exude different feelings. A deeper pink will invigorate feelings of passion and more energy whereas lighter shades give off feelings of calmness, serenity, and hope.

Color Theory of Pink

Combining red and white is what gives us pink. The passion and strength of red are softened by white which is pure and untainted. Combining the two together results in the romantic and alluring color of pink.

As I mentioned earlier, light pink can actually act as neutral, so the color pairings can be endless.  However, I’ve narrowed them down to some of my favorites.

Colors to Pair with Pale Pink

Pink + Gray

Pink and Gray are a very sophisticated color combo. Blush or light pink goes well with a matched muted shade. Light touches of gray and pink make a space feel light and airy.

Pink + Beige

As with pink and gray, pink and beige can be sophisticated, but in a more natural way. It has almost more of an earthy vibe.

Pink + Emerald Green

If you want sophisticated AND moody, try pairing light pink with emerald green. It’s unique and stunning.

Pink + Navy

Navy is like a pair of jeans and can go with anything, but it does look extra special with blush pink.

Pink + Black

As with navy, the contrast is what makes this color combo appealing. This color combo has a very glam feel.

Pink + White

Pink and white are calming and charming.

Pink + Gold

Pink and gold give a space the feeling of luxury.

If you are not quite ready to dive into adding lots of pink to your home, try painting an accent piece light pink. You will find that something so out-of-the-ordinary can suddenly because extraordinary.

If you’re a neutral lover, light pink pairs beautifully with light wood tones, neutral linen fabrics, and copper accents.  The subtle tone of light pink adds a little bit of color without being overwhelming.

Decorating with Pink

There’s a reason for the saying, “everything is rosy.” Pink is seen as warm, loving, and romantic.  It is the color of hope and can have a positive effect on people as it’s a kind and gentle color.

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