This Old House Feature

I am excited for a recent This Old House Feature which included my DIY laundry room makeover.

Inexpensive Laundry Room Makeover | This Old House Feature

The article shares how I transformed our laundry room for a little over $200 with several (easy) DIY projects.

Although (unfortunately) it doesn’t bring a rush of traffic to my blog, it is always so fun to see projects in print!



When we first moved into the house, this is how our laundry room looked:


And here is how it looked after my inexpensive DIY makeover:

Using Peg Board in the Home

We are lucky to have such a large laundry room (although it does end up being a junk/catch-all room).  A few inexpensive DIY projects have made the space a little more useable and homey:

  • PAINTED THE CABINETS AND REMOVED SOME DOORS.  The windowless laundry room was brightened by painting the cabinets a cream color, and I have the full tutorial HERE.  I also updated the hardware.
  • ADDED FABRIC TO THE WALL.  Adding fabric to the wall is great for those of us who aren’t ready to commit to wallpaper because it is so easy to remove.  You can see more HERE.
  • ADDED PEGBOARD STORAGE.  You can go HERE to see all the details of this pegboard wall.

Laundry Room DIY Makeover.

Laundry Room Budget Makeover

DIY Peg Board in Laundry Room

Peg Board DIY Tutorial

As fun as it is to share pretty photos of my home on the blog (and occasionally in print), my home never looks that perfect.  I had to share this photo of what the room looked like this morning – a real-life photo of my laundry room (and this is on a good day):

And you should see my laundry room now after being away for over a week.  I may never catch up on all the laundry…

Go create something!

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