Chalkboard Transfer Tutorial

I am excited to share this easy chalkboard transfer tutorial with you today.

 Chalkboard Transfer Video Tutorial  

Last week Angela from Unexpected Elegance brought her most popular post to life (transferring an image using wax paper) through a video tutorial, and this week I’m sharing mine!  

By far, my most popular post since I began blogging is my chalk transfer or perfect chalkboard lettering tutorial. It’s SO easy, and I promise you that you can do this!  It’s an easy way to create beautiful lettered chalk art and look like a pro – even if you’re not! You can create beautiful pieces to hang in your home, give away as gifts, or even sell!

View the video here:   

If you want to see the original post you can click HERE.

Below are Amazon (affiliate) links for the china marker and chalk pen I talk about in the video:


Have a great weekend, and I hope you enjoyed this Chalkboard Transfer Tutorial.

Go create something!

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Chalkboard Lettering

This DIY technique allows anyone to create perfect chalkboard lettering!

I love chalkboard art, but free handing lettering drives me crazy.  I am an impatient perfectionist, and I have discovered a way to quickly create pretty chalkboard lettering every time…

Perfect Chalkboard Lettering

I will walk you through the steps of creating perfect chalkboard lettering, and it really is easy!  I also have a video tutorial where I share the same technique, and I share that towards the end of this post.

  • Begin with a chalkboard. I made a mirror into a chalkboard, but I wouldn’t always recommend this. Instead, I would suggest cutting a hardboard or some thin wood to put in the frame. Make sure the board is smooth so you can create a nice, smooth chalkboard finish.



  • Print out lettering for your chalkboard.

I combined two fonts to make this type art for my dining room, and you can download the (2 page, letter-sized) PDFs here:





  • Cover the back of your paper with chalk.


  • Tape your printed type just as you would read it (chalk covered side down) to the chalkboard. Using a pen or pencil, firmly trace the type with a pen or pencil.
  • Remove the paper, and you will see a fine chalk outline.  Using chalk (or a chalk pen), trace and color in the lettering.




These chalk pens are great for chalkboards you want something a little more permanent.  However, I recently began using china markers instead of the chalk pens because they look more like chalk and are permanent!


I also created this video using the same technique for transferring an image: 


Since I shared this tutorial over 5 years ago, I had a friend create this gorgeous custom piece. 

The chalkboard mirror lives on!

Go create something!

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