Printable Cleaning Schedule

I’m excited to share this FREE printable cleaning schedule with you today.

 Free printable cleaning schedule

Keeping a clean house is just hard.  Life is busy, and there are all kinds of hoops to jump through to get a clean house: jobs, kids, pets, sports, lessons, school, and the list goes on!  As a mom of three and a DIYer, I’m always working on a project which means I have a constant mess somewhere.  

However, I’ve found a method that helps provide me with some sanity and a clean house! I don’t enjoy spending a lot of time cleaning, so I break my home into five zones.  I clean one zone a day for however long I have that day.  Maybe I only have 15 minutes.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re focused in on one zone.  I like to do the zones during the week and take the weekend off. If you have extra time (or a schedule that doesn’t work to spread out your cleaning schedule), you can knock out a few zones in one day.  Or, there are days where I have guests coming, then I’ll knock out all five zones (the entire house) in one day.  

However, I prefer to break it up for my sanity.  It’s less overwhelming than cleaning an entire house, and I find that I’m more willing to clean if I break it up.  You can do this cleaning method weekly or biweekly. I created a printable to keep your zones in check.  I realize all our living spaces are different, but hopefully, this printout covers yours:

Cleaning Schedule

Zone 1: Bathroom(s).  I start here because it’s my least favorite zone to clean.  I suggest cleaning the mirrors, sinks, scrubbing the floors, tub, shower, and toilet.

Zone 2: The kitchen and dining room.  Clean the floors (sweep, mop, or vacuum), scrub the sink, clean the appliances and counters, and dust if needed.

Zone 3: The entryway(s), stairs, and office.  Clean the floors (sweep, mop, or vacuum), dust furniture, and pick up if needed.

Zone 4: Living Spaces.  These can be the family room, rec room, and /or basement.  Pick up, clean the floors, and dust.

Zone 5: Bedrooms.  Pick up, clean floors, dust, and wash sheets.

Download your PDF here —> Cleaning Schedule

Once you’ve cleaned all these zones, you should have a clean house!  Cleaning your house seems less daunting when you break it down into five zones. Also, there are certain tasks that are helpful to do daily so you can stay on top of the mess.

  • a load of laundry
  • sort mail
  • take out trash
  • pick up the house
  • clean counters (put away dishes & wipe off counters)
  • make beds

I hung my cleaning schedule inside my closet where I store all my cleaning supplies

Cleaning Closet

As a blogger, I’m always sharing photos of beautifully staged photos.  In real life, my home is used for living.  However, my job is to share inspiring ideas for pretty spaces.  To make them Pinterest-worthy, I need to keep a clean house.  An organized cleaning schedule and a great vacuum help me prep the space for these photos.  I hope I’ve given you some tips for maintaining some order and cleanliness in your home!  By creating a plan to stay on top of your cleaning, you’ll find that you’ll want to clean since it will be less overwhelming!

I hope this Printable Cleaning Schedule is helpful.

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