Easy Kid Decor

  DIY Paper Mache Animal Plaques

The toy room is the space in the house where I can be crazy and have fun decorating.  When kids come over to our house, most of them run in and run straight up the stairs to their space.  I want kids to continue to love the space, and I felt it “needed” three things:

  • The whimsical animal head plaques popping up everywhere.
  • The felt ball garland makes every space instantly cool.
  • My kid’s artwork.

I have been super crafty this week, and I have not one, but THREE easy and inexpensive tutorials for you all today!

Paper Mache Elephant copy

I’ve been obsessing over all the fun animal head plaques I’ve seen people making, and I created a few (odd) creatures myself.  These little guys are really inexpensive to make and surprisingly not as hard as would expect!

Animal Plaque Supplies

For this project, you’ll need:

  • plastic bowl (I picked mine up at the dollar store in a three-pack!)
  • wooden plaque
  • spray paint
  • styrofoam balls (also found at the dollar store)
  • glue gun
  • cardboard (I forgot to add this in the pic, but a cereal box works great!)

Painting Plaques

I spray-painted my plaque and created my creature(s) using the supplies I had.

Elephant Craft

I used hot glue to glue my cardboard and styrofoam balls and make my elephant. Next, you’ll need the supplies for the paper mache:

  • newspaper
  • water
  • flour
  • bowl

Making Paper Mache

I created a paste using water and flour and cut strips of newspaper.

paper mache elephant

My daughter loved helping me with this part: You just past the strips and completely cover your creature.  After it has fully dried, you can paint it.  I used spray paint because it’s so easy.

Elephant Craft copy

Then, use the glue gun and glue your animal to the painted plaque.

Elephant head plaque

And if you want to see how I made the bear, here’s the breakdown:


And our pig (which my daughter declared was “weird but cute”):


I had a few extra plaques, so I used mod podge and created plaques of the kid’s artwork:

Chalkboard Wall Playroom

This is the EASIEST project, and your kids will feel like superstars when they see their artwork on display.  All you need for this project is:

  • wooden plaque
  • spray paint
  • artwork
  • mod podge
  • sponge brush

Kids Art Plaques

You glue the back of the artwork to the plaque and then cover the entire top of the plaque and artwork with Mod Podge.

Artwork Plaque

I let my kids pick their favorite piece.  My daughter’s artwork may give you nightmares.  From far away, it’s a sweet bunny.  But up close…are you ready for it?!

Scary Bunny

It’s like the easter bunny got mixed up and thought it was Halloween. These plaques are flat on the back, so there isn’t any way to hang them with a nail.  I used Command Strips.

Comman Strips



 They won’t damage the walls, so they were a great solution for my plaques!

Applying Command Strips

Chalkboard Wall Playroom

Animal Head Plaques

I have one more EASY craft for you.  Notice the adorable gold ball garland hanging over my animal plaques?  I LOVE the felt ball garland I see everywhere.  I had a bunch of styrofoam balls leftover from my animal head plaques, so I decided to paint them and create a cute garland.

Gold Ball Garland Supplies

For this project you’ll need:

  • A needle and string
  • styrofoam balls
  • scissors
  • spray paint

I painted my balls in a cardboard box (they will roll all over as you paint them.  This is an easy way to contain them and the paint mess).  Once they dried, I strung them!

Gold Ball Garland

And I hung them using Command™ Clear Hooks.

Command Hooks

These things are awesome and like the picture hanging strips, they won’t damage your walls.

Command Hook

These projects were SO inexpensive and are an easy way to add fun to your child’s bedroom or toy room.

Play Room DIY decor

Chalkboard Wall

Go create something!

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