Custom Watercolor Home Portrait

If you’re looking for an artist to create a custom watercolor home portrait, then I have the artist for you!  She’s talented and will create a piece of art that you will treasure for ever.

Custom Watercolor Home Portrait

As much as I love our current home, our last home will always hold a special place in my heart.  It was the first home we purchased, and all three of our babies came home to that house.  It holds 9 years of memories, AND it is where Sincerely, Sara D. began. The walls in that house became my canvas, and I would paint and create to give me a little sanity from being a mom of three little kids.  We all need our creative outlets, and home decor became mine. When I had the opportunity to have our first home painted, I was thrilled.  Katie from Me and Mary painted a gorgeous custom watercolor home portrait of our first home, and I will forever treasure this piece.  When I received the painting, I was overwhelmed with memories – I could almost see my kids running around. She had captured our house perfectly.

Katie has an Etsy shop (click here to go there), and on top of beautiful custom home portraits for an amazing price, the shop is also filled with printable artwork and organization lists.

Katie is an artist, writer, wife and mom.  Besides offering custom watercolor home portraits, Katie offers lettering workshops and custom hand lettered prints.

Katie’s custom watercolor home portraits make a great gift for yourself or someone you know!

Go create something! 

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