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I often wonder why I didn’t become a food or fashion blogger because the amount of time one DIY post takes is SO long (however, I’ll be the first to admit you don’t want any of my recipes or fashion advice)!  I am in the middle of two fairly large DIY projects, and it will be awhile before I can post anything about either.  So in the mean time, I thought it would be fun to share what I consider my best (and more recent) DIY projects!  


Best DIY Project - Elegant wall treatment

This project was a result of wanting to give my family room an entirely new look. The DIY paneled wall treatment makes such an elegant statement. I do not claim to be a woodworker, but I am pleased with the result and spent around $300. Go HERE for the full tutorial!  


DIY Project - Board & Batten

My boys’ room recently had a major makeover, and you can see all the furniture details by going here.  I wanted to add a statement wall in the space, so I created this board and batten wall.  It was built solo one afternoon, and (since I had everything other than the MDF board) this project cost me less than $100!  The full tutorial is here.  


Best DIY Project - kitchen remodel

My husband and I tore out our old kitchen and completely remodeled the space in 9 weeks.  Read all about that DIY journey here!  It was definitely my craziest and biggest DIY to date.  I am so proud of what we accomplished, but I don’t think we will attempt a project of this size and scale anytime soon…  


Best DIY Project - Painted Tile Floor

Our laundry room also serves as my crafting/DIY room, so it sees a lot of wear and tear (and lots and lots of paint).  There was already paint everywhere, so adding a little more paint wouldn’t be a big deal.  Here is the full tutorial on painting tile floors.  


Best DIY Project - Installing a farmhouse sink

Installing a farmhouse sink proved to be one of our harder DIYs.  I really was clueless how much goes into installing on – including building a base for the sink.  All the details of this DIY can be seen here.

And stay tuned – I promise there are more great DIY project tutorials coming your way.  

Good things come to those who wait! 🙂

Go create something!

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DIY Kitchen Remodel Reveal

I am SO excited – it is time for our DIY kitchen remodel reveal!

DIY kitchen remodel reveal with the home depot

We are SO happy with our new kitchen and incredibly grateful to The Home Depot for the partnership.  This absolutely would never have happened without them!

Back in July, I entered a design competition at a Haven – a DIY home decor blogger conference.  The competition was sponsored by The Home Depot, and they selected our kitchen remodel!

Our kitchen was cramped, and there was only one way in and one way out.  Our appliances were original to the house (20 years old), and didn’t work well.  Our oven burned everything and the fridge was small and opened up to the counter.  It was hard to stand and the sink with the dishwasher open, and we needed to reconfigure the appliance layout. After winning the partnership with The Home Depot, Steve and I got busy planning the remodel.  We had NEVER done a DIY project to this extreme, but we were excited (and extremely naive).

We demolished the kitchen on a Saturday in late September, and I remember walking through the house that afternoon and completely freaking out.  What were we doing?! However, we took the project day by day.

And spent lots of late night and weekends working on the kitchen and forever grateful to friends who helped us along the way!

Everything was done by us except for the floors (we had them refinished), the drywall, and the countertops (they were installed by The Home Depot). Want to see some behind the scene thoughts on this DIY kitchen remodel?

GO HERE to see the DIY Kitchen Remodel Reveal on The Home Depot’s Blog!

  A special thanks to The Home Depot for the partnership on this kitchen.  It would not have happened without you!

Go create something!

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Want to follow the kitchen remodel journey?

Week 1 – Demo Week 2 – Dry Wall and Cabinets Week 3 – Floors and Cabinets Week 4 – Painting and Trim Week 5 – Appliances and Farmhouse Sink Prep Week 6, 7 & 8 – Countertops Week 9 – Finishing Touches Find me on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest *This post is a sponsored post by The Home Depot.  I take pride in reviewing only products that fit my brand and will be beneficial to my readers. And while this post is sponsored, all the opinions are my own.