Pumpkin Patch Print

I am excited to share this FREE customizable Pumpkin Patch Print, and I’m also sharing how to transfer and image to wood!

I have been slightly obsessed with large wooden signs and wanted to create one specifically for fall. I decided a “vintage” pumpkin patch sign would be perfect.

Free Pumpkin Patch Print (1 of 1)

Last time I made a large wooden sign, I used my silhouette machine.  Although time consuming, it worked well.  However, I really wanted to try a different transfer method where you transfer a printed paper onto wood.  I found this video on YouTube from DecoArt, and decided to give it a try! I created a printable pumpkin patch sign (the download is available toward the end of this post).  This printable is sized to 8.5 x 11, and there is an editable version to add your own town and state.  The pumpkin patch printable could also be mounted to a board with spray adhesive or simply framed. However, if you have a little more time and are up for a fun DIY project, join me in this fun paper transfer method.

DIY Wooden Fall Sign (1 of 1)

For this project you will need:

  • Decor Art Media Medium Matte
  • Printed Design (mirrored/reversed)
  • Brush
  • Sponge (in place of the rag I used)
  • Spray Bottle
  • Sandpaper
  • Varnish
  • Cut-to-size Piece of Plywood
  • Furring Strips (for frame)

DIY Pumpkin Patch Sign (1 of 1)

First, cut to size a plywood board to the size of the printed (reversed) image.  I blew up my pumpkin patch print (I enlarged mine to around 20 x 24) and REVERSED the image so it would print backward.  I had it printed at a local office store. Reverse the image because the printed piece will be placed face-down.  Stay with me, it will make sense!

FREE Pumpkin Patch Sign (1 of 1)

Cover the entire board with a thin coat of the medium and allow it to dry.

Transfering an Image to wood (1 of 1)

Tear the edges of the paper (according to the video this helps hide the edges).

Transfering an image (1 of 1)

Add a thin coat of the medium to the printed page and allow it to dry.

Transfering an Image with DecoArt (1 of 1)

After both the board and the print are dry, add a thick coat of the medium to the board and glue down the printed art – face-down.

Transfering an Image - Reverse Image (1 of 1)

Allow everything to completely dry overnight.

Transfer an image with media (1 of 1)

The idea behind this process is to remove most of the paper so only a thin layer is left allowing the ink to be visible.  To do this, wet down the paper.

Spray bottle for transfering an image (1 of 1)

The paper is scrubbed away.  Since I didn’t have a sponge, I used a cloth (but the video recommends a sponge).

Removing paper for image transfer (1 of 1)

This process is time-consuming – especially on a large piece like mine.

Layers and layers of paper (1 of 1)

The cloth wasn’t doing a great job removing all the paper, so I pulled out my dish scrubber.

Wooden Pumpkin Patch Sign Tutorial (1 of 1)

Be careful with using something abrasive because I actually scrubbed through the paper down to the board in a few spots:

Scrubbing too hard (1 of 1)

Once satisfied with the amount of paper removed, allow the sign to dry.

DIY Pumpkin Patch Sign Tutorial (1 of 1)

If the distressed look is desired, lightly sand the sign.

DIY Fall Wooden Sign (1 of 1)

When it dries, the image does begin to fade.  

You can add a varnish to help brighten the image color.

DIY Fall Wooden Sign Tutorial (1 of 1)

I used a weathered gray to continue with my antique, distressed look.  

You can see the right side where I added the varnish.

 The varnish helps bring out the color.

How to make a DIY Fall Wooden Sign (1 of 1)

Once the entire sign is varnished, allow it to dry and frame it using furring strips (you can see more detail about that process HERE).

DIY Pumpkin Patch Sign (1 of 1)

Below is the JPG file for this pumpkin patch sign.  Just click and save:


I am also sharing two PDF files.  The first file has an editable city and state and the second is like the one in my photos.

EDITABLE Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch Print

The printables are sized at 8×10 (printable on regular letter-sized paper), but you can blow them up to fit your need. If you want a large (20″ x 24″) already REVERSED pdf like the one I printed, then click on the file below:


DIY Wooden Fall Sign (1 of 1)


Free Fall Printable (1 of 1)

I would love to know how you incorporate this pumpkin patch sign into your fall decor!  Email me or tag me on social media!

*All Sincerely Sara D. printables are for personal, non-commercial use only. Use it, gift it, but don’t alter it, sell it or otherwise distribute the print or the file. 

Go create something!

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How to Transfer an Image to Wood


Latitude and Longitude Sign

This latitude and longitude sign is a great way to document all the towns you have lived in.

DIY Wooden Sign Tutorial

I love all the large wooden signs that are popping up everywhere.

DIY Wooden Sign Tutorial* About a year ago, I bought this one:

How to install shiplap

It is wonderful, but it was expensive.  After studying it, I decided I could make my own! I had an idea to make something showing the names and coordinates of all the cities/towns where my husband and I have lived, so I began designing.  I use Adobe Illustrator, and I created this:


I was excited to test out my new Silhouette Cameo machine for this project. This machine is amazing, but I probably should have started with a small project rather than jump immediately into a large 2 feet x 4 feet project!  However, I called the silhouette support team, and they were wonderful and helped out this novice silhouette user. Silhouette has a really great program for designing and well as purchasing pre-made designs.  Since I had already created my design in Illustrator, I had to import my design into the Silhouette Studio program.  It was actually fairly easy thanks to this tutorial by Geek Chick Online. Once my design was imported into Silhouette Studio, I had to split my design into two-part since the silhouette machine prints vinyl that is up to 1 foot wide and my design was 2 foot wide.

Silhouette printing

One little trick I learned is when you are printing something large scale, you need to select “no cutting mat.”

Printing large signage on silhouette

The program will want to print it as a 12 x 12 square – as you can see by the red lines.  Off to the right, there is the option for selecting not cutting mat.  And when you do that, your silhouette machine will print the length of your design.

Select no cutting mat

Silhouette Projects

I printed out my vinyl in two sections.  Once the printing (or cutting) was done, I removed all the extra vinyl.

Using vinyl in silhouette machine

Silhouette’s little hook comes in handy for the harder-to-reach areas like inside the letters.

Tutorial for using Sihouette

Once all the extra vinyl was removed I added the transfer paper to my vinyl.

DIY silhouette vinyl tutorial

Using vinyl transfer with silhouette

For the wooden sign, I bought a large plywood board and had it cut into four pieces approximately 2 feet by 4 feet.

Lowes Cutting Boards

I spent around $6 for what became four pieces.

SurePly for Frame

8 foot sheet cut down to 2 foot

Once home, I painted one of the sides with black paint.  I wanted black lettering, I was going to use my silhouette letters to create a stencil so my sign appeared to be hand-painted.

Painting Wooden Sign

When the paint was dry, I added my vinyl using the transfer paper.

Cutting vinyl to use as a stencil

With my vinyl was on the board, I painted the entire sign with white paint.

Painting DIY wooden sign

DIY wooden sign tutorial using vinyl

Once the paint was dry, I removed the vinyl.

Using Silhoutte vinyl as stencil

There were some areas I had to touch up with a brush.  I didn’t perfectly match the two separate pieces of vinyl, but with a little paint, it isn’t noticeable. For the frame, I bought a couple of inexpensive furring strips.

Wood for framing

And I stained them with dark walnut stain.

Varathane Stain

Staining Frames

I used a chop saw to cut the trim and a nail gun to attach the frame to the sign.

Latitude Longitude Coordinate Sign

Living Room Neutral Decor

DIY Large Wooden Sign

Family Room Decor Ideas

There will definitely be some more DIY projects like this latitude and longitude sign coming thanks to the help of my Silhouette!

Go create something!

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