DIY Light Pole Planter

light pole planter

I am excited to be partnering with Enbrighten Café on a patio makeover.

enbrighten cafe LED Cafe Lights

Enbrighten Cafe’s LED Café Lights deliver warm white light, are energy efficient, and never need to be replaced!

Cafe Lights in Day

Cafe Lights for Patio

And with the GE Bluetooth Smart Outdoor Smart Switch, you can wirelessly program and control the lights with your smartphone or tablet!

GE Outdoor Smart Switch

Control lights with app

These lights are impact resistant and will not break if dropped (I accidentally tested this out)!

Backyard Patio at Dusk These commercial-grade lights can be out year-round.

Patio String Lights I used 36 feet of lights for my patio area.

Backyard Patio Makeover Pretty Patio I love the ambiance the LED Café Lights add to our patio.

Patio in Evening The lights are really easy to hang since each bulb has a hook, and I hung most of my lights with screws on our covered patio.  However, I also wanted the lights to stretch across our patio table, so I created a DIY planter light pole.

DIY Patio String Light Holder

Please note that this planter works for a small number of lights.  Since these lights are commercial grade, they are heavy.  The pole started to bend under the weight of too many lights.  However, if you just want a string a few, this DIY flower pot light pole is a great solution. Here is what you will need:

  • Dowel Rod (8 foot)
  • Decorative Top for Dowel Rod
  • Outdoor Paint
  • Flower Pot
  • Concrete
  • Gravel
  • Hook
  • Potting Soil
  • Closet Rod Flange Set (optional)

I began the project by drilling a hole into the top of the pole for the decor piece.

Drilling Hole

After the hole was drilled, I added the topper.

Adding Pole Topper

After the top was on, I painted the entire piece with several coats of outdoor paint.

Painting Pole

Once the paint was dry, I drilled another hole into the topper.

Drilling Hole for Hook

This was for the hook which would hold the light strands.

Adding Hook to Pole

Once the pole was complete, it was time to cement it into the flower pot.

Closet Rod Flange Kit

I began with my little closet rod flange set and used the completely round one as a brace for the rod.  This is optional, and I am not really sure how much it helped. I added my pole to the brace and centered it in the flower pot.

Setting Pole in Place

This is definitely a two-person job.  One person will need to hold the rod in place while the other pours the concrete.

Quikret Concrete

I mixed about 30 pounds of concrete for my flower pot (More concrete would have been helpful, but I had to balance how much room was needed for my flowers).

Adding Concrete to Flower Pot

I created a brace to hold the rod in place while the concrete dried using boards and bricks.

Setting the Pole in Concrete

DIY Outdoor Light Pole I allowed the concrete to dry 24 hours and then I added holes for the flower pot drainage using a drill.

Adding holes to flower pot I tried to evenly space them so they looked pretty and drilled them right above the concrete line.

Adding Gravel to Flower Pot I added gravel to help with the drainage before adding my potting soil.

DIY Patio String Light Holder And that was it!  I now have a moveable light pole if I want to change where I hang the lights.

Decorating with Patio String Lights  

Check out the video below to see the lights in action!


Go create something!

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