DIY Large Photo Canvas

If you need a large piece of artwork for your space, try this DIY large photo canvas! I recently shared our family room makeover (read more on that transformation HERE). The makeover needed a large piece of artwork to hang above the sofa.  Unfortunately, large artwork is crazy-expensive. Last fall, we had family photos taken (by Indianapolis-based Carpenter Photo and Design), and I knew one of my favorites from that session would be the perfect addition to the space. I sent the photo to Staples and requested their largest engineered print in color – 36 inches by 48 inches. The print was ready in a few hours, and I only paid around $12 for the print. I wanted to mount the print, and I had a large canvas on hand from a project that never happened.  Canvases can get pretty pricey (I bought this one half off at Hobby Lobby). If you don’t want to spend the money on a canvas, use plywood or hardboard cut to size. Since I had some on hand, I decided to use Mod Podge to mount the print. Mod Podge is great for lots of things, but it proved to be a little tricky mounting a piece this size. I had my husband help me (Mod Podge dries fast so you have to work quickly). It was next to impossible to remove all the air bubbles.  Also, the engineered print is thin and prone to tearing – especially once it is wet with paste.  If I were to do this again, I would probably use a spray mount glue instead of the Mod Podge. I wanted my engineered print appear more like a canvas, so I decided to Mod Podge over the top of the print as well. It ended well, but the process was crazy.  I didn’t anticipate how much the color would bleed (notice the green on my roller).  Keep this in mind if you have white in your art. I moved quickly realizing that perfection was not happening.  I worked out the larger air bubbles. I used scrap pieces for the frame which my husband cut to size for me. The scrap wood was painted gold, and I used my air gun to nail the frame to the canvas. Imperfections and all, the DIY photo canvas ended up being perfect for the room. Are you new to my blog? Go HERE to see my home tour and HERE to shop for items I use in our home. Find me on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Pinterest