IKEA Finds in Neutrals

I’m sharing my favorite IKEA Finds in Neutrals that go with almost any decor style.

IKEA Finds in Neutrals  

We don’t have an IKEA here in Indianapolis yet, but we are getting one next year.  I am so excited to have one closer because there are some really great finds – even if you don’t prefer the more modern IKEA decor. Over spring break, I took my kids to visit my parents who live near St. Louis.  An IKEA recently opened there, so we went shopping! I have needed a new rug for some time in our family room.  I had a jute rug in there that I loved, but it was light and showed everything.  I had researched IKEA rugs online and decided to get this rug:


The LOHALS Rug is a great color, and I think it will hide stains.  However, it is not quite as large as I had expected, and it does seem to stretch more than I’d like.  My kids are hard on rugs, so time will tell how this holds up.  


Similar to my chalkboard obsession, I love faux sheepskins.  The TEJN Faux Sheepskin is inexpensive and can add instant fun to coffee tables, benches, and chairs.


I love to pick up pillow inserts every time I’m at IKEA.  I like these FJADRAR Inner cushions because they are down and a steal at $5.99.


Here goes my fur obsession.  I found GULLVIVA Faux Fur Cushion Cover and couldn’t talk myself out of buying it.

IKEA Riddarf Jaril Pillow

I love the texture of the RIDDARF JARIL Cushion Cover, and unfortunately, it isn’t sold online – only in stores.  But it was $10 for the cover.

IKEA in my home

This is a shot of my family room with my new rug.  I love the texture it provides in the space.

Decorating with IKEA finds*

I added the faux fur to my large coffee table.  Previously I had the real sheepskin that I had purchased from IKEA a while back, and I noticed they only sell the faux ones now.  However, I’m fine with the faux sheepskin because it is washable and much less expensive (And my daughter spilled chocolate milk on the real  sheepskin, and I threw it into the washer without thinking about the fact that wool shrinks…a lot.)

Living Room Decor Ideas

I went pretty neutral in my family room, but I can easily switch out pillows, throws (and even the rug) if I want some pops of color.

Decorating with IKEA finds

I ran out of space for my impulse buy.  The faux fur pillow ended up in my office. Last summer I shared my favorite IKEA finds.

Favorite Ikea Finds

To see more, click HERE. Are you an IKEA fan?  What is your favorite IKEA find?

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