Second Nature Air Filter Subscription

Second Nature Air Filter Subscription

If you are like me and need to remember one less thing, consider automating your air filter changing needs through the Second Nature air filter subscription service.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Second Nature. All opinions are 100% mine.

Second Nature (formerly FilterEasy) is a smart and simple subscription service for home air filters. All you need to do is choose the sizes and type of filters for your home and select how often you want them replaced. They will show up on your doorstep when it’s time for a change, and Second Nature’s filters are the same quality or better than those you’ll find at your local hardware store.

There is a lot of false information out there regarding air filters, and I’m going to debunk a common myth:

MYTH: Air filters only protect your unit – they do not clean the air.

Air filters filter air. As your HVAC system pulls air from your home to cool or warm it, the filter intercepts that air in your ductwork. It acts as a barrier for anything carried by the air that you don’t want in your home. This includes things like dust, mold spores, pollen grains, pet dander, and a bunch more junk. That stuff gets caught by the filter and clean air moves on without it.

An air filter helps remove pollutants and particles that would otherwise freely float about inside your home which is a huge win for me. Two of my kids deal with allergies, so we want as many of the things that cause my boys problems removed. Second Nature filters act as a barrier to help protect my family.

Second Nature air filter subscription service sends me filters when it is time to change them.

Filters catch allergy inducing pollutants like pollen and dust, but they also catch pathogens like bacteria if you’re using a sufficient quality filter. According to a NAFA Foundation Report, the use of a high MERV can significantly reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases such as influenza, rhinovirus (common cold), and tuberculosis. According to the study, upgrading from a MERV 4 filter to a MERV 13 filter can cut the risk of contracting influenza almost in half. So pick a quality filter and get started protecting the air in your home.

Keep in mind that a higher MERV rating may put more strain on your HVAC system since these filters capture more particles. The more particles the filter captures, the more often you’ll need to replace it to prevent it from overworking your HVAC system. Second Nature hit the sweet spot of MERV 8, MERV 11, and MERV 13. These filters keep you home well-filtered without the expensive energy bills.

  • MERV 8 (Catch Some)
  • MERV 11 (Catch More)
  • MERV 13 (Catch All*)

*”Catch All” means it collects all the particles you could worry about in an average household while still providing proper air flow. These are not medical grade HEPA filters.

If you suffer from allergies, own pets, or deal with various pollution issues, upgrade to a MERV 11 (which is what I use) – or even to a MERV 13 filter.

Second Nature is so convenient. The air filters are delivered straight to your door with the exact size you need when you need them, and your first shipment is FREE!

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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning with FiltersFast.com

My family is busy – just like we all are.  I love to find ways to keep my home (and family) clean and healthy, and spring cleaning just got a little easier thanks to FiltersFast.com.

This post has been sponsored by FiltersFast.com.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It is amazing how quickly time flies, and I would often forget to change my filter until I noticed our unit lagging behind.  It was just one more thing to worry about, and I was excited when I discovered FiltersFast.com Home Filter Club.  It is so easy to sign up, and I now have the luxury of not worrying about changing the filters – one less thing off my plate is always a good thing!

My middle child deals with allergies, so it is extra important for us to change out those dirty filters.  Most home filters need to be changed every three months, but that time frame can vary from house to house depending on the age of the home, whether or not you have pets and if you suffer from allergies.

Now with FiltersFast.com, I can enjoy the convenience of not having to remember to reorder filters, and I select a delivery schedule that works best for our system.  It is effortless, easy, and the filters show up on my doorstep when it is time to change them!

It is important to me to keep my family healthy (and as free from allergens as possible) and my home HVAC system running smoothly (we want it to last as long as possible).

With warmer weather coming, I am feeling the urge to spring clean.  Now that I am a member of the FilterFast.com Home Filter Club, I have one less thing to worry about on my spring cleanup list! So jump out of hibernation and change those filters as we prep for a new season. Now that I have clean filters, I am on to the rest of my spring cleaning checklist:

  • Clean windows
  • Organize Closets (donate old clothes)
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Check batteries in fire alarms
  • Deep cleaning of my home

What else is on your spring cleaning checklist?  I’d love to know! Go create something!

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