Flower Pot Tips

I found a few inexpensive flower pot tips on Pinterest and decided to test them out…


Trash cans as flower pots.

If you find inexpensive trash cans, they can make fantastic flower pots. This is a great option for those who enjoy vegetable and/or herb container gardening because flower pots and planters can get pricey.

The Spotted Lamb

You can read more about this project at The Spotted Lamb.

I wanted to give this trash can flower pot thing a try, so I found a $3 black round trash can at Dollar General.  It is not the most beautiful flower pot, but it is a great container for $3 (don’t forget to drill a few holes in the bottom of your trash can for drainage)!


Flower containers can be used for pot filler and help with drainage.

I filled the bottom of the container with rocks and gravel and used another Pinterest tip.  


I found this photo on Pinterest, but unfortunately, it doesn’t link up to a specific blog post.

To help with drainage and to fill space (so you don’t waste potting soil), use the disposable flower containers that came with your flowers as filler. They will help with excess water, and are especially useful for indoor pots which don’t have drainage holes, and it keeps your planted pot lightweight while helping prevent root rot.


Use Diapers to keep hanging baskets moist.

The last tip I tried was adding diapers to hanging baskets.


Unfortunately, the picture I found on Pinterest didn’t link up to anything – not even a blog.  

However,  I decided to give it a try since I’ve accidentally washed a diaper or two (or lots) and know HOW MUCH water those things can hold.


Hopefully, I will be watering my hanging baskets a lot less this summer since they should retain moisture longer. This tip should be especially helpful for those full sun annuals.


Don’t forget to add fertilizer/nutrients and use potting mix instead of garden soil in your plant containers, and you’ll have a patio, porch, and/or deck full of beautiful potted plants.

If you want more helpful tips, read through the comments below.  

Readers have left so many helpful tips in addition to the few I shared!  

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