Moody Green Paint Color

This week’s color of the week is a moody green paint color from Benjamin Moore, and it is called Storm Cloud Gray.

I don’t love the name because it really doesn’t appear gray with its yellow and green undertones. The saturated color will provide timeless sophistication to any space.

I love pairing Storm Cloud Gray with other shades of green and pops of raspberry.

Why You Should Use Green in Decor

Decorating with green has been a design favorite for centuries – the Victorians favored deeper green tones like sage and brunswick green for their interiors. In the 1950s, aqua and mint green were paired with baby pink to achieve the ideal Americana aesthetic for kitchens and Cadillacs. In the 1970s, avocado became the height of fashion and enjoyed immense popularity (even in appliances).

Green is a color of balance and harmony. It lends us a clearer sense of right from wrong since green incorporates a balance of both the logical and emotional. Green is one of the most-seen colors in nature reflecting life, rest, and peace. It is also a sign of growth, whether that’s in a physical object like plants or in our income and wealth.

If you want to read more on why you should decorate with green, go HERE.

My dad and I added these paneled walls last year, and you can see the full tutorial here. I love how much character it brings to our dining room and how it feels like it has always been there.

I recently added wallpaper to our entryway, and it pairs nicely with Storm Cloud Gray. You can see more on that (removable) wallpaper HERE.

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