He is Constant

He is Constant.

I’ve been an emotional mess lately all summer.

As a lot of you know, we are selling the house we built nine years ago.  I know I’m too attached to this house, but I have trouble separating myself from all we have experienced here throughout the past decade.

Not to mention the countless hours of painting (and repainting) and all of our DIY projects.

Now, not only are we moving out of our first home, but we’re leaving our community – our church and our friends.

We’re moving because of a wonderful opportunity we received – my husband’s dream job!  I’m so excited for him and our family, but I still grieve leaving…

About a month ago, I was running my little two-mile loop.  Our house sits in the back of the neighborhood, and the loop takes me past walking trails, a baseball field, a soccer field, a sledding hill, ponds, and a beautiful church.  (You can see why we’re going to miss this place!)  The church sits in the center of the neighborhood and resembles the beautiful white-steepled church found in most Thomas Kinkade paintings.

So, I was running my loop and crying.  I told you, I’m an emotional mess.  I was crying because I was talking to God (maybe even whining a bit) as I was remembering all my boys’ practices at the baseball field, I was remembering the 4th of July parade my kids participated in, I was remembering the preschool all three of my kids attended/attend, you get the picture…

While I was running (and crying) I happened to look up and see a beautiful bright moon.  I noticed the moon was following me and I heard  God say to me, “Sara, I am constant.”

Now I was really sobbing (and still running).  I made it halfway through my run and turned around to head back home as I always do.  I looked up in the sky and noticed my moon was gone and I was mad.  “Where are you now, God?!”  It was right at the moment that I looked ahead and saw the most beautiful and amazing sunset light up the sky behind the church.  I knew what God was telling me.  “Look at what wonderful things I have ahead of you!”



The sun went down, and I looked up to (once again) see the constant moon {our constant God} was following me home.

sincerely, sara d.