Same Here Sisterfriend Review

Same Here, Sisterfriend Review Years ago when I was in the middle of mothering young kids, I found a creative outlet in creating custom invitations.  I had a little shop on Etsy, and would spend nap time fulfilling my orders.  Sincerely, Sara D. was the name I gave to my little stationery shop. Somewhere between six years ago and now, I closed my Etsy shop and began blogging about my DIY home decor adventures.  Life is a funny journey, isn’t it?! But back to when I was running my little Etsy shop… I met a sweet girl named Holly through Etsy’s internal messenger.  Holly did printing, and wanted to know if we could form a partnership.  I would send my customers her way for printing, and in return I earned points towards Starbucks gift cards.  It was a win-win situation! That same Holly has had quite a journey herself which has since led to TWO published books.  Holly wrote the Bible Study Engaging Motherhood, Heart Preparation for a Holy Calling (which I love) and now the recently released, Same Here, Sisterfriend.

Same Here, Sisterfriend Book Review

Holly rounded up several of her “sisterfriends” and they share tales and laugh their way through the misadventures of motherhood.  The book is full hilarious and vulnerable tales written by moms.

From the Same Here, Sisterfriend website:  Laugh alongside a group of real mamas as they tell of the neverending joys and unpredictable perils of motherhood. Between diaper fiascos and singing potties, and whether mowing to escape reality or being mistaken as a pile of laundry—hilarity ensues. The extraordinary vulnerability found in Same Here, Sisterfriend will not only remind every mom that she’s not alone, but also encourage her to look for grace in even the messiest moments. Holly honored me by asking for my review on the book,  and you can see it here on her website.

Same Here, Sisterfriend Review

I so wish I had this book when I was in the middle of raising young kids.  It’s a lighthearted look at mothering young children, and it overflows with encouragement and fills your heart with joy – both from the spiritual truth and the humorous tales of motherhood.  I told Holly I need her to write another book so I can find cheer and humor through this next parenting adventure (my oldest turns 13 this year)!

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