My Home Decor Journey

I was going through older blog posts and was struck by how much my decor style has changed over the years. I thought it would be fun to share some of my home decor journey.

Designing a home you love takes time – and money. When we first moved into our home (almost six years ago), we had lots of plans for the home. Unfortunately we didn’t have the money for any big changes. We moved the furniture and decor items from our previous home and tried to make it work.

Here is how our kitchen currently looks (after our DIY kitchen renovation):

And here is how our kitchen looked shortly after we moved in:

One of my first projects in our home was painting the cabinets. I made some mistakes with chalk paint, and you can ready more about that here. However, painting the cabinets brightened the space, and we lived with the space for several years until we were at the place where we were ready to remodel it.

Our home office was downstairs, but we slowly lost the room due to the bookshelves we had built and the piano. We recently moved the office upstairs, and it is still a work-in-progress:

The room was previously our kids playroom. Now that our kids are older, we decided we needed a home office more than they needed a designated play space. We added cabinets, tiled the floor, and added new office furniture.

Here is what the space looked like before it was an office:

Our bedroom didn’t see a remodel, but it has been repainted and decorated with new decor and furniture since we moved in. Here is how our bedroom looks now:

And here is our bedroom when we first moved in:

When we remodeled our kitchen, we opened up the wall into our living room a few feet and built an island which helped with traffic flow.

Here is how the space looks now:

And here is how the space looked a few years ago before the kitchen remodel:

After we shortened the wall, the piano no longer fit against the wall, so it was moved (and painted – again).

And here is one more current photo of our kitchen:

Here is what the kitchen looked like before the remodel:

It is crazy to think how far our house has come in less than six years. Home decor really is a journey, and creating a home we love didn’t happen overnight. I think it is pretty obvious that my design aesthetic has changed since we first moved into this home.

I hope my images inspire you to realize that you can create a home you love. Please realize that as a blogger, I have the ability to partner with companies to create these spaces – it is part of my job compensation. However, I do hope you are encouraged in that I really do DIY almost everything, and YOU can create pretty spaces too!

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