Library Makeover Reveal

I am so excited to be sharing my library makeover reveal with FrogTape! When FrogTape contacted me about participating in the Paintover Challenge, I was thrilled and honored. I have closely watched this challenge every year and am a huge fan of FrogTape.

However, what really motivated me was that FrogTape will gift the winner’s charity with $10,000. I know I was created to create, but sometimes sharing pretty photos of my home feels trivial. However, when I am able to use my gifts and passion for a greater cause is when it all comes full circle. If I win, my charity Second Harvest Food Bank will be able to feed 40 families for AN ENTIRE YEAR! You have the chance to help feed the needy – CLICK HERE to vote for my library!

For this space, I was given the Luxe Modern design Trend. The overall style is “modern glam and minimalist with a bold statement”. I was encouraged to mix metals and create striking and unique juxtaposition while making a bold statement.

I painted the walls an off-white and painted a gold metallic diamond pattern complete with medallions. I painted the bookshelves a moody black and added my kids silhouettes to complete the look.

Here’s a breakdown of the project supply costs:

Project Supplies totaled $207.26

  • Wood medallions $34.79
  • Gold paint $28.21
  • Off-white wall paint $49
  • Paint brushes from hardware store $19.97
  • Dropcloths from hardware store $20.56
  • Ribbon for hanging silhouettes from craft store $3.99
  • Bookshelf paint $50.74

My vision for the space was centered around painting the Modern Lux wall pattern and painting the bookshelves a deep black.

FrogTape’s PaintBlock technology is amazing! It keeps paint out and keeps line sharp.

Using a quality tape like FrogTape was necessary for my black bookshelves – the last thing I wanted was paint on my white ceilings and/or marble tile!

For decor, I spent most of my budget on the curtains. The elegant space was screaming for velvet curtains, and I felt they added softness to the modern wall pattern.

I also added a few busts (every library needs a bust or two), plants, curtain rods and a rug.

Here’s a breakdown of my decor costs:

Decor supplies totaled $737.07

  • Curtain rods $132.11
  • Velvet curtains $272.69
  • Rug $159.86
  • Bust planters $65.26
  • Plants $69.44
  • Mozart bust $37.71

And I am happy to report that I came in under budget with my total:


From now until June 14th, I would love your help! CLICK HERE to vote for my library makeover. If I win, FrogTape will donate $10,000 to one of my favorite charities, Second Harvest Food Bank. $10,000 will provide meals to 40,000 people – how amazing is that?!

Second Harvest Food Bank distributed 7.2 million pounds of food to 8 counties in central Indiana last year. Their goal is to put themselves out of business by ending hunger. You can see more about Second Harvest Food Bank by going HERE.

Want to see the tutorial for the wall treatment? GO HERE!

UPDATE: Unfortunately I didn’t win the competition, but it was an honor to participate. I was interviewed by our local tv station, and you can watch that interview HERE.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape. All opinions are 100% mine.

Go create something!

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FrogTape Paintover Challenge

I am thrilled to announce that I am participating in this year’s FrogTape Paintover Challenge!

If you are not familiar with FrogTape, it is THE BEST painter’s tape on the market. You know I love paint, and I have been using FrogTape for years. It is my go-to painter’s tape for all of my projects.

There are five bloggers participating in this challenge, and we are all completing a one room makeover challenge using FrogTape and interior designer Taniya Nayak’s 2019 Design Trends.

I decided to makeover my home library. I recently replaced the carpet with tile, and I want the rest of the room to feel more stately.

Here is a before of the space:

The bookshelves are also going to get a makeover. I played it safe when I originally painted them this pale gray. I want them to be more of a focal point, so they are going to be repainted.

Each blogger was assigned to one of FrogTape’s five 2019 Design Trends, received a bucket of painting supplies and a $1,000 budget to redesign a room.

I received the design trend Luxe Modern. The matchy-matchy days of keeping one specific metal is long gone, and the hot trend for 2019 is to mix and match metals and mediums.

Luxe Modern

Colors: Bronze, Rose Gold, Matte Gold, Pewter, Iron

Patterns: Metal is incredible rigid and durable yet has the capablity to mold into any shape you desire. Geometric shapes for hardware and wall applications are what we are seeing pop up everywhere these days.

Vibe: striking unique juxtaposition bold statement

Overall Style: Modern glam and minimalist with a bold statement

When I envision Luxe Modern in my home, I plan to mix the old and new for a fun juxtaposition. I am using lots of golds with touches of silver and copper and luxurious velvet fabrics. I am mixing whites and blacks for a bold statement, and I am adding a metallic wall treatment.

I was inspired by a recent trip to the Blackwell Hotel in Chicago. I love the wall treatment in their restaurant and how the medallions rest where the lines meet.

Next week I will be sharing my progress of the space and in two weeks voting will begin! I would love your vote. If I win, FrogTape will gift one of my favorite charities (Second Harvest Food Bank) $10,000! $10,000 will provide 40,000 meals to people in need, and you can help feed them by voting for my library!

UPDATE: Want to see the final FrogTape Paintover Challenge reveal? GO HERE!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape. All opinions are 100% mine.

Go create something!

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