Navy Home Office Reveal

I am so excited to share our Navy Home Office Reveal!

I recently remodeled what was our kids’ playroom into a home office.

Now that our kids are getting older, a designated play area wasn’t really necessary, and my husband and I really needed a space to work.

 I was excited to partner with The Home Depot on decorating this room, and every beautiful item was found online. I was able to find the perfect balance of some fun decor pieces that fit my more creative spirit while bringing in the more traditional look my husband prefers.  I managed to persuade my husband that work doesn’t need to be boring and hung this gorgeous Hoppet Blue Folk Wallpaper.

It instantly brought fun into the space.

We will be building a credenza on the wall behind the desk for my computer and storage, but we wanted a writing desk in the space and this Aldridge Antique Grey Desk is even more beautiful in person.

It is simple but sophisticated – exactly what we wanted!

The Vintage Ellie Navy Rug softens up the flooring.  It ties in the loveseat and works well with the wallpaper.

I am loving all things velvet, and this gorgeous Carlotta Emerald Velvet Club Chair is stately and so comfortable and the pop of green is perfect for the office.

Although I love them all, my favorite piece in the space is this Jack Navy Blue Tuxedo Loveseat.  It is the perfect little sofa for an office, and the navy, tufted details and velvet make for the perfect piece of furniture.

 My husband always requests filing cabinets, but they are usually ugly.  I was so excited when I discovered this Aldridge Antique Grey File Cabinet – beauty and form can exist!

Our new home office came together thanks to gorgeous furniture pieces from The Home Depot! I ordered everything online, and it came right to my doorstep.  Now that is the way to shop!

Now it’s time to get to work…


Go create something!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot. All opinions are 100% mine. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.


Home Office Organization

Home Office Organization

Organizing a Home Office

I assume we are all similar in that when the new year comes around, we all make resolutions to stay on track.  I crave order and organization, so I always spend the first few days of the new year putting my home back together after all the holiday madness and entertaining.  Since I work from home, I often begin by home office organization. I partnered with Snapfish, and I am sharing unique, personalized ways to organize yourself (and office).

Although I use an electronic calendar, I love having a calendar on my desk that I can view quickly.  I am in love with this Woodblock Desk Calendar.  There are so many design options to fit every decor style and personality.  It gives me a month view at a glance, and this calendar would also make a wonderful gift!

Are there any other list makers out there?  I love the feeling of accomplishment and checking things off my list.

Thanks to my customized softcover journal I am going to stay organized and on task this year.  I added my logo to this gorgeously designed planner and am ready to tackle the new year!

I sit at my computer desk for way too many hours, so I love this custom mousepad.  It is easy to make, and you can instantly warm up your workplace with a personalized mousepad. Although I chose to keep my mousepad simple with just one photo, Snapfish offers so many customization options in their product builder:

  • Photos: Upload photos from your device, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos or your Snapfish album.
  • Layout: Choose a single photo or multi-photo layout.
  • Design Variations: Snapfish offers pre-designed themed templates that make it easy to create.
  • Backgrounds: There is a pattern option for almost any occasion.
  • Text: Add a name, initials, or personalized phrases that help caption the moment.
  • Size: There are several different product sizes.
  • Embellishments: This is where the fun really begins! Snapfish offers hundreds of cute embellishments, sassy sayings and themed collections you can add to your product…

You will instantly feel like a designer, and it so fun (and easy) to play around with all the options.

I have a design background, and I have used lots of various programs over the years.  This program offered by Snapfish is SO easy and well done! I am looking forward to writing thank you’s with my new customized folded notecards.  I was so impressed with the quality and price that I am planning to order some note cards just for my business.

I feel ready to tackle 2019 thanks to my custom office product!  Creating it was so easy, and I love that I have personalized supplies that look fantastic and function well!

Whether you are looking to get organized and wanting a unique gift for friends or family, I highly recommend creating Snapfish photo product. Happy New Year!

Go create something!

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Rolling Library Ladder

I have been obsessed with adding a rolling library ladder to our home forever. Since moving into our home over three years ago, we planned to build a wall of bookshelves in the office.  Meanwhile, all of our books were spread out through the house in closets and every nook and cranny we could put them in.  It was nearly impossible to find anything. Awhile back (while I was frustrated about having a book closet instead of a coat closet), I sketched up a plan. It looked so normal on that piece of paper. We debated DIYing some built-ins but ultimately decided to hand it over to a professional. We hired a guy to build them, and he built most of the shelves in his workshop.  He brought the shelves in and installed them in a day – the same day I was gone all day at the Indianapolis Home Show presenting. I came home to these gorgeous but GIGANTIC bookshelves.  I was slightly overwhelmed when I saw how large they are (you can click here to see how I tackled painting them). After realizing the massive size of these shelves required a rolling library ladder (at least that’s what I told my husband), I quickly embraced my mammoth-sized bookshelves. I partnered with Custom Service Hardware and together we created the perfect library ladder for our office. On their website ( is an easy order form online where ladders are customized.  There are so many options – including the hardware finish (I selected black): These wheels roll amazingly well on the carpet (check out the video at the end of this post). There are also several types of wood to choose from (I selected the walnut): Our ladder is a 7-foot ladder with a 108-inch rail. The ladder was precut to size, but our rails came in (2) 6-foot sections.  This way we were able to place the seam in the center of our bookshelves (instead of offset).  We used a splice kit to connect the two rails (which is not noticeable at all).  To cut the rails, we had a friend help us since cutting the aluminum required a metal fine-tooth blade. I stained the ladder and my husband and I assembled it together which was a very simple project. I stained the walnut ladder with a dark walnut stain.  It brought out the wood grain and looks absolutely gorgeous. My husband hung the rail for me while I was running around doing other things.  CS Hardware provided great instructions, but hanging the rail did require some time and precision.
If you are looking for a library ladder (or barn doors, hidden bookcase doors, cabinets, mantels, or anything else you may need for your home), you need to check out Custom Service Hardware.  I was so impressed with everything from their gorgeous quality product to amazing customer service to fast shipping. Are you new to my blog? Go HERE to see my home tour and HERE to shop for items I use in our home. Find me on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Pinterest *This post is a sponsored post by Custom Service Hardware.  I take pride in reviewing only products that fit my brand and will be beneficial to my readers. And while this post is sponsored, all the opinions are my own.

Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tivoli Audio. All opinions are 100% mine.

Working from Home with Tivoli Audio

Last month marked three years in our home, and next month I will be celebrating my three-year blog anniversary.  As a mom of three, I love being able to work from home while doing what I love – creating.  Blogging really is my dream job, and I could not be more thankful.


My only complaint with blogging (and working from home) is solitude.  Now that my youngest is at school, I am left alone in a completely silent home (which is definitely a change after having at least one kid by my side for over the past decade).

When I was approached about partnering with Tivoli Audio, I was excited because I am constantly playing music to keep the silence away.  I fell in love with their ART Speaker.  It is a unique product that can hang on your wall like a painting or be placed on its stand as a work of art (not something you need to hide).


Set up was fairly easy and just required downloading the ART – Tivioli Audio Wireless app which walked me through the entire setup process.


Neatly hidden on the bottom of the speaker you can find all the buttons and other technical stuff.  I use an electrical outlet to power my speaker, but I love that there is an optional rechargeable battery to hang it without wires.


I pick my playlist for the day, hit play from my phone, and take away the silence through music (which is so funny to me because when my kids were home all I wanted was silence)!

You can start with a single speaker and slowly build your full home system.


Besides enjoying music while I work, I love that Tivoli Audio’s ART speaker also works for background dining music.


The office is right across from our formal dining room.  I love to play music while entertaining (especially during the holidays), and this speaker serves both the office and our dining room perfectly.


Tivoli Audio products are available around the world through a large dealer network as well as direct from their website:


I am a huge fan of the ART speaker because of its unique mix of style and sound.  I love a product that functions well, but I really love a product that functions well AND fits into my decor seamlessly.  Tivoli Audio’s speakers makes a great gift for music, radio, and podcast lover or for yourself.

Also, don’t forget to check out Tivoli Audio’s Cube Speaker. It is a simple box that can be placed anywhere and used as a single speaker or paired with other speakers (such as the ART speaker) as part of your home’s system.  It doesn’t take up much space and can be easily moved from room to room with the optional battery back and no wires.

Do you play music in your home?  I would love to know where you would put your Tivoli Audio ART (or cube!) speaker.  Don’t forget to sign up for Tivoli Audio’s emails and receive 10% off your purchase!

Go create something!

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