The Indianapolis Home Show

I’m sharing all the details of my first experience with The Indianapolis Home Show.

Indianapolis Home Show Sincerely Sara D

Oh, guys!  I had a crazy, exciting, stressful, fun, and exhausting couple of days!  I am naturally more introverted (blogging is great because I can sit behind the screen), and I do not love to be the center of attention in any way.  However, over the past few days, I conquered my greatest fears. If you have been following me, you’ve probably heard me mention that I was speaking at the Indianapolis Home Show.  I was already a bundle of nerves on Friday (I was scheduled to speak Monday and Tuesday) when I received an email about appearing on the early morning news Monday.


My first thought was to run or pretend like I hadn’t seen the email.  However, I came to my senses and realized this is something you don’t say no to.  It was another way to stretch myself and a great way to face my fears head-on.  So, I did it!  I woke up at 2 am and headed to the Indianapolis Fairgrounds to the site of the home show.

Jenny & Sara

I’m so thankful for friends like Jenny.  This girl got up crazy early to support me, calm my nerves and pray with me. I’m so glad I did it.  It ended up being fun, and I had the best news anchor to lead me! To see a clip from the news, click HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.51.36 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.52.03 AM

From there, I went back home and was back in time to put my kids on the bus.  Then, after lunch, my mom and I picked up my friend Angela from Unexpected Elegance and headed back to the Home Sh0w.

Indy Home Show 16

The great thing about doing live TV before my presentations are that suddenly a planned speech was not nearly as nerve-wracking as it seemed before.

Painting Furniture Presentation

I survived the first two presentations despite some technical glitches with my headset and PowerPoint.

Sara Davis at Indy Home Show

(And I also now realized that I make crazy faces while I’m talking.)

Diva of DIY

On day two I had the privilege of sharing the stage with the Diva of DIY, Leanne.  This girl is not only crazy talented but she is SO nice!

Indy Home Show 2016

Day two went much better without the technical issues (and notice I ditched the notes).

Sincerely, Sara D

Home Show 2016

Speaking at the Indy Home Show Tuesday was also filled with amazing friends and families who came to listen and support me!

Support Girls

Home Show Fans

I am so proud of myself for doing it – I spoke to a crowd AND survived!

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