HomeRight Paint Sprayer Tutorial

For someone who loves painting as much as I do, would you believe I have never used a paint sprayer? Today I’m going to share a HomeRight Paint Sprayer Tutorial because this is a must-have!

HomeRight Paint Sprayer

I was recently gifted a HomeRight Finish Max sprayer, and I can honestly say that it’s a total game-changer. I tested it on a simple chair, and it worked great.  I can only imagine how helpful it will be on larger, more ornate painting projects.

Measuring Paint Thickness

The sprayer comes with very detailed instructions, and the first thing I did was test my paint using the included viscosity cup.  You dip it into your paint and time how long the liquid takes to drain.  The instructions include a thinning chart, and you compare your time with the chart.  I had to thin my primer with water (I used a latex primer and paint).

Adding Paint

Once you have the consistency needed, fill the sprayer container with your paint.

How to use the Home Right Paint Sprayer

You need to make sure the pick-up tube is inserted into the cylinder and facing the correct way (it’s labeled really well).  Attach the container to the sprayer and plug it in!

Chair - BEFORE

Here’s what I was painting – a simple chair from IKEA.  (I bought a bunch of these chairs, and I’m in the process of using different types of paint on them.  I’m excited to share this with you soon!)

Paint Sprayer Nozzle

You can adjust the spray pattern to horizontal, vertical, or cone. You can also set the paint flow by turning a knob on the sprayer.

Painting with Paint Sprayer

Now you’re ready to pull that trigger, and it is SO fun!

Paint 6-10 inches away

Make sure you paint 4-10 inches from your piece and keep a stiff wrist.

Moving furniture around

I was surprised by how few drip marks I had (The sprayer is strong and smoothly blows the paint).  However, I just softly rubbed in the drip marks while they were still wet.


Wiping away drips

Chair painted with paint sprayer

Once you’re done (I washed my sprayer in-between primer and paint), just rinse out the container and any extra paint it may have.

Clean out paint sprayer

Once cleaned, fill half the container with warm water and soap (for oil-based paint you’ll need to use a cleaning solution recommended for oil-based paint).  Plug the sprayer in and spray for several seconds until all the paint has passed through.  Dump out the extra cleaner.

Spraying soapy water

And that’s it! I hope this HomeRight Paint Sprayer Tutrial was helpful.

Go create something!

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Paint Sprayer Tutorial