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How to Add Christmas Tree Lights

Tutorial for Adding Lights to a Christmas Tree


If you are not one of the blessed few to have a pre-lit tree, then this post is for you!  Today I’m sharing a tutorial for adding lights to a Christmas tree (and it can be done by one person)!




Begin with a surge protector.  It makes turning on and off the Christmas lights easy with the flip of the switch.




Use an extension cord with multiple outlets.  After the extension cord is plugged into the surge protector, it will be wrapped up and around the tree trunk.  I put my extension cord pretty high up on my tree (because I start my lights at the tops of the tree), but you can decide on the best placement for yours.




Keep in mind that you should not add more than three strands of lights together (wires can melt and start a fire).  This is why it is so important to have an extension cord with more than one outlet.




Before hanging lights, check to make sure all the lights in the strand work.




Remove any tags from the strand of lights.

As I mentioned earlier, I start my lights at the top of the tree and move downward.  Divide the tree into 2-3 skinny triangular sections (depending on the size of your tree).



Face the tree and add lights to a skinny triangular section – winding from top to bottom and moving from branch to branch (and wrapping each branch). Once the section is complete, move around the tree and repeat with the next section until the entire tree is lit.




You can add as many or as few lights as you wish, but the more lights the better with Christmas trees.  I added 800 lights to my tree which is 7.5 feet tall.

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Do you have any tried and true tips for adding lights to a Christmas tree?  I’d love to hear them!

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