How to Make a Beautiful Bed

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so we should not only have comfortable beds but beautiful beds as well. Here are 4 steps to How to Make a Beautiful Bed, and you can find everything you need at Tuesday Morning.

This post is a sponsored post by Tuesday Morning. I take pride in reviewing only products that fit my brand and will be beneficial to my readers. And while this post is sponsored, all the opinions are my own.

Tuesday morning has great deals (20-60% less than department stores) and high-quality brand-name items so you can create a beautiful bed without spending a fortune.

Tuesday morning has everything you need to make a beautiful bed. They offer a huge variety of throw pillows, sheets, blankets, sheets, comforters, and duvets at amazing prices.

I love to create a high-end look without spending a fortune, and Tuesday Morning is the perfect place to shop. I found so many things to create a beautiful bed.

How to Make a Beautiful Bed:

1. Hide the Box Spring.

If your box spring is visible, cover it with a fitted sheet or bed skirt. A fitted sheet is great if your bed has a platform, but if under your bed is visible, try a bed skirt. We all have used under the bed to hide things, and a bed skirt tidies it all up just by hiding it!

2. Use Sheets that Fit.

Select sheets that fit your bed, and make sure to pull the fitted sheet all the way around the mattress so you have a tight fit (don’t allow any part of the mattress to be visible). Not only does this look nice, but it makes sleeping much more comfortable.

Also, if you have sheets with a pattern, make sure the flat sheet is patterned size DOWN. You’ll want to fold that sheet back.

3. Layer Duvets, Comforters, Quilts, Coverlets, and/or Blankets.

Layering not only provides the option for the perfect sleeping temperature, but they provide all the elements needed to make a beautiful bed. There are so many options:

  • Duvet – A duvet is a quilted blanket filled with a natural or synthetic filling (down or down-alternative) and is protected by an interchangeable cover.
  • Comforter – A comforter is one complete, quilted piece.
  • Quilt – A quilt is comprised of three layers—two layers of fabric with batting in between—stitched together, often with a decorative design.
  • Coverlet – A coverlet is a bed covering with sides that hang down a few inches past the box spring, but don’t touch the floor.
  • Blanket – A blanket is any bed covering thicker than a sheet, including quilts, duvets, and comforters.
  • Throw Blanket – A throw blanket is a small decorative blanket, often that are used for extra warmth when lounging on top of the bed.

While a comforter is essentially a thick, one-piece quilted blanket that tops your bedding, a duvet is an insulated sewn bag that you wrap with a cover so that the duvet stays clean

Layers allow for various patterns, colors, and textures.

4. Layer Pillows

As with layering blankets, layering pillows allow for a comfortable night of rest and also make a beautiful bed complete. I hide my sleeping pillows behind my pillow shams and like to add two more layers of pillows. Again, this allows you to play around with different colors, patterns, and textures.

For a king-size bed, I love to play with throw pillows in threes. However, for smaller beds, try adding pillows in doubles. Repetition is great for those who love the look of order.

Tuesday morning has several options for hiding those box springs, a huge variety of sheet options, and plenty of throw pillows and blankets so you can create your own beautiful bed.

Tuesday Morning also has lots of other home decor items (go here to see what I found for my kitchen) like frames, vases, and these vintage-looking books that provide storage.

I also found this cute brass tray and rose-scented candle from Tuesday Morning.

I’d love to know – what are some of your favorite Tuesday Morning finds?

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Make a Beautiful Bed

Our bedroom is on the main floor, so its visibility alone motivates me to make it every morning. It just takes a minute or two, and there is something so nice about climbing into a made bed every night. I am going to share my formula for making our bed and encourage you to make a habit of it (watch this video from a Navy Seal Admiral as he shares reasons why to make your bed everyday – it’s SO good)!

How to Make a Beautiful Bed

Here’s my formula:

  • Duvet (I prefer white – mine is from Boll & Branch)
  • Shams (2)
  • Large Square Pillows (3)
  • Small Square Pillows (3)
  • Throw blanket (1 or 2)

To begin, remove pillows and pull back sheets and duvet/comforter. Pull fitted sheet tight.

Pull of sheet and duvet/comforter near top end of bed being away of even sides and leaving enough of the duvet/comforter to cover the end of the bed. I leave a few inches, but you can bring them all the way to the top if wanted. Fold back duvet/comforter (you can also fold back sheet as well).

I like to tuck in the sides of my duvet, but this is preference and works well with my footboard.

I add my pillows/shams, and then a row of three square pillows. I complete with another (smaller) row of three square pillows.

I like to keep an additional blanket at the end mainly for looks, but I use it on during those rare times where I lay down on the bed during the day and don’t want to crawl under the sheets.

Making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning and you will love crawling into it at night!

Here are the sources:

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