Bathroom Closet Organization

Bathroom Closet Organization

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand Easy Liner. All opinions are 100% mine.

Need help with bathroom closet organization? See how easy it is to tidy up your closet and keep it that way!

Bathroom Closet Organization

When organizing a bathroom closet, it is best to remove everything from the closet. Once everything is out, you can begin sorting it into three separate piles:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Trash

When trying to decide what to keep verses donate or trash, consider expiration dates and the last time anyone had used the item. If you haven’t used the item for the past year (or two), it is probably a good idea to consider adding it to the donate or trash pile.

Here is a BEFORE photo of my bathroom closet:

Once you have a plan for what is going back in the closet, it is helpful to use shelf liner, containers, and labels for keeping the closet tidy and organized. I also added some removable wallpaper to brighten up the closet. Our bathroom is very monochromatic, and I thought it would be fun to add some pops of color in the closet (and it is so much more fun to open now)!

Shelf Liner

I used Duck Brand® Fabric Top Easy Liner®. This liner is fabulous for lining shelves (They also offer Clear Classic® Easy Liner®). The previous homeowner widened the shelves in our bathroom closet, but it always bugged me that the addition was never painted.

Although I could have painted the shelves, in less than five minutes I transformed my shelves using the fabric liner. The liner was WAY easier and much more fun. One of my favorite features of the fabric liner is that it is machine washable – which is fantastic for lining bathroom shelves where bottles that are prone to leaking are stored.

Bathroom Closet Organization

I am already scheming where else I can use this liner next – like in my pantry where I am constantly battling things slipping through the wire shelving – anyone else fighting that battle with me? This fabric liner would help solve that problem!

The fabric liner is so easy to cut. I laid out the line on the shelf. Using the end of my scissors against the wall, I scored the liner. Once scored, I cut the liner perfectly to size.

Uniform Containers

I prefer using uniform containers since the cohesive look makes everything feel more organized. However, uniformity doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I found all of these containers at a local hardware store, and they ranged from $2 – $5 each. Containers also help organize bathroom necessities so easily access the item the next time it is needed. I have several containers for medicine (I separate the adult and children’s medicine), first aid supplies, and dental supplies.


I love labels because they help encourage things going back to where they belong. My personality naturally wants to put things back where they belong, but I found the rest of my family is not the same way. However, by labeling my containers, they have no excuse it not returning the item to the correct bin.

Are you ready to tackle your closets? It is an easy project that makes a huge difference!

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