Remove Cabinet Doors

Remove cabinet doors for an instant kitchen update!  Removing cabinet doors adds interest to your kitchen and is a great option for people who rent.

Remove Cabinet Doors - Instant Kitchen update


I am the middle of three girls, and I get a lot of great ideas from my creative sisters. On a recent trip to my sister’s house, I noticed she had removed some of her cabinet doors. cabinet

It made a HUGE difference. Heather is currently renting this house, so it is a great option for all you renters out there. She simply removed the doors (It is important to save the doors and all the hardware to keep your landlord happy!), and she added black paper on the back of the cabinets. It really makes her dishes pop.

cabinet3 cabinet2

As my friend Anne (of Green Gables) always says, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” So, I went home and removed some of mine! Here’s the before:


And after!


My cabinet update also included paint (and I’ll talk more about that later this week), but I’m loving the open cabinet concept. I removed the cabinet doors right above the dishwasher, so putting dishes away is easier now! I saved my doors and hardware (just in case I want to cover them up again).  But I did fill the holes where the screws once were.


I used Durham’s Water Putty to fill in the holes.  It comes in a powder form, and you add just add water to make the putty.


I’m glad I took them off!


If you want to know more about painting your cabinets, click HERE to see my post on how I did it! If you’re stuck inside for the next couple of days with this snowstorm, why not remove some cabinet doors?  It’s an easy and quick update. 

Go create something!

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