Mod Podge Memories

Mod Podge Memories

I discovered “mod podging” (or deco podge) in college.  Maybe we were weird (I prefer to think we were trendsetters), but my friends and I would mod podge whatever we could get our hands on – frames, boxes, photo albums –  you name it.  It was an inexpensive but sentimental gift.  I ran across this beauty the other day…


I made this for my husband, but we were “friends” at the time.  Explains the collage of people in the frame instead of a picture of just us.  It’s pretty cheesy, but it was sweet (I think?) at the time. I was excited to revisit my mod podging days, and I got this idea off of Pinterest.  Using photos, paint, mod podge, and unfinished wooden plaques (found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels for only a few dollars), you can create wall art. plaque modpodge

I painted the plaques using three different but similar neutral colors (a beige-ish, greenish and grayish neutral) and let them dry.  I then distressed them by sanding them and added a light drybrush of another color.  Finally, I cut my photos and glued them on with a mod podge. Mod podge is really easy to use – you just brush it on!  After you have the photos glued in place, you can mod podge the entire plaque – just brush right over the photo.  I did a couple of layers on each plaque and let it dry.  Mod podge looks white when wet, but it will dry clear and become shellac.


It’s an inexpensive and unique way to display some of your favorite photos.


What Mod Podge memories are you going to create?

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