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Years ago before my blog and kids, I worked at a greeting card company as an art director.  I worked with some crazy talented people, one of whom was John Keeling.

John Keeling Self Portrait

Not only was John an incredible mentor and boss, but he is an incredibly talented painter.  His gift for watercolor is only something I can admire, and I’m honored to (finally) own a piece of his work.

Custom art by John Keeling

I have wanted to own an original John Keeling for years, and my wish came true.  Recently I contacted John about painting our home.  Unfortunately, it was the dead of winter.  And my house looked like this:


I sent him a photo with a (terribly) photoshopped clematis plant along with the peonies I hope to plant this year.  I also described what our trees look like in the spring and requested that John painted my kids on the bench.

Custom Home by John Keeling

John is such a talented artist, and his vision is perfect. I am sharing his work not only because he is my friend, but his work is too wonderful to not share! You can see more of his work on his website:  John’s portfolio ranges from everything from still life (Peonies with Bird Cage):

John Keeling Peonies with Birdcage

To florals (Narcissus Bunch):

John Keeling Narcissus Bunch

To pet portraits (Wheaton Terriers):

John Keeling Wheaton Terriers

Check out his “Shop” section where you can browse paintings and prints for purchase. John’s prints are professionally produced at a local gallery using the finest inks and archival quality paper stock.

Custom Watercolor

Thanks so much to John for creating my most prized piece of art and something our family will treasure forever.

Custom watercolor artist

Custom Home Art*

John’s artwork belongs on display and would beautifully grace any home.  

Think of him ( the next time you want to gift (or keep for yourself) a gorgeous piece of art.

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John Keeling Watercolors