Favorite Art Source

For years, I have been a huge fan of Lindsay Letters. Her site is a favorite art source of mine, and my very first piece of hers was a gorgeous, hand-lettered Christmas canvas that I still bring out year after year.

Besides creating beautiful hand-lettered pieces, Lindsay also creates stunning artwork. Her spring line (The Wellspring Collection) was just released, and the pieces are calm and serene – pieces you want in your home.

Favorite Art Source

When sharing her new spring art line, Lindsay says, “I don’t claim that I art can change the world. But I do firmly believe — now, more than ever — that what you surround yourself with MATTERS. We can’t control much of anything outside our homes. I can’t even control most of anything in my home. But I can control what goes on my walls. I can choose art that inspires and delights me, and I can hang it on wall, and then it stays there. Even when everything whirling around it feels like chaos… it’s there for me to stop and appreciate and enjoy.”

I was gifted Lindsay’s Wellspring Abstract, and it is so peaceful. I originally selected it for our dining room. There is a wall that is visible when you first walk into our home, and I felt it needed some attention.

Probably because I have too much time right now, I started trying other places for the piece like above our dining room buffet.

And then I started layering it with my pondering woman painting – which was a nice contrast.

But then I realized it may have been meant for my bedroom, and it looks so serene in the space. Basically these spaces are going to have to fight for this painting because it works so well in all of them.

Lindsay Letters also offers some photography pieces (by Laura Kackley of Lark Photography) which you can see HERE. I have the Dutch Blue Floral in our living room.

The Epic Black Floral hangs in our master bedroom.

The artwork comes in various sizes and most come with different frame options. You can find the perfect piece for you space!

What is your favorite art source? I’d love to know!

Go create something!

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