Master Bath Remodel | Week One

 Master Bath Remodel | Week One

Master Bath Remodel | Week One

The day after Thanksgiving, we starting a demo on our master bathroom (please pretend I have safety goggles in the picture above). Here is a before of the shower (problem) area:


And here is an after (demo) photo:


We were all pretty proud of ourselves for our demo work!  As I mentioned before, we had a significant leak under our shower. So significant, we haven’t used our shower since we moved in three years ago.  Here’s what the shower leak looked like once we removed the tile:


Near the wall, you can see the support beam is rotted.  

Here is a closeup:


Seeing this confirmed why were remodeling that bathroom. My amazing dad came and helped us with the demo.  He spent his birthday ripping out tile and toilets. The boys came in to inspect our work and kept safe with a nerf mask and handkerchief…


Overall, the demo went well.  There were a few minor hangups like cutting a water line and the rented jackhammer not working.  However, we charged through and are left with a bathroom ready to be remodeled.  And then we waited…



Luckily we did not have to wait too long – two weeks after the demo, the contractor arrived!


He pulled out the rotted subfloor and fixed the support beam.


I am SO relieved to have that beam fixed.  It was so bad, our master bedroom (on the other side of this wall), had a fairly large hole into the crawl space.


I used to imagine little mice crawling in while I slept…

Day two was spent rebuilding the subfloor and waterproofing the shower.  The contractor was so kind to bring in my bathtub.  We were a little concerned about it fitting.  Luckily it does, but it will be a tight fit.


Thanks for coming along on Master Bath Remodel | Week One editionMore to come on our bathroom remodel!

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Master Bath Remodel – It’s Happening!

Master Bath Remodel – It’s happening!

Master Bath Remodel - It's Really Happening!

Over the past several years, I have been dreaming about our master bath remodel – again and again. The first year in our home, I dreamed up an elegant bath remodel.  A year and a half ago, I shared this pretty roundup of bathroom ideas.  And this past summer, I shared this design board. We bought our house knowing there was a leak under the master bathroom.  The leak was so significant that we were advised to not use the shower – unless we were okay with ending up in our crawl space. Three years have gone by without fixing that leak because life kept happening – the air conditioner went out (and we decided to replace the furnace at the same time), the water heater needed to be replaced (and the pool water heater), and we had some leaks and needed to replace part of the roof. For the past three years, we haven’t showered (in our master bath shower), but it is remodeling time!  Instead of me boring you with dream boards, I will bore you with progress reports!  We demoed the bathroom last weekend (I will share pictures from the demo soon), and we are (finally) ready to go on this remodel! Our garage is filled with all kinds of amazing things just waiting to make their home in our new bathroom.


The bathtub is the centerpiece of our bathroom.  I spent so much time searching for the perfectly shaped tub, and I think I found it with this  Lindsey Acrylic Freestanding Tub.


I have always dreamed of a gorgeous tub faucet coming up from the floor and this Moen Weymouth Tub Filler is just amazing.


We will have matching sink faucets from the Moen Weymouth Collection.


The bathroom floors will be this pretty Storka Segato Riverwood – Breggia Porcelain tile.


The glass shower will be tiled from floor to ceiling with this Overton – Derby Glazed Wall Tile.


The shower floor will be tiled with this Manhattan – Pure White Matte Hexagon Mosaic  (along with some black tiles sprinkled in).

master-bath-remodel-2 This Blakely Antique Silver Three-Light Foyer Fixture will hang over the tub.


The bathroom will have two of these Avanity Modero Chilled Gray 60-Inch Single Vanity Combo with White Carrera Marble Top.


This Infinity 36″ Round Wall Mirror will hang over each vanity. More bathroom fun to come!

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