Painting Furniture with Oil-Based Paint

Check out this post if you want to learn about painting furniture with oil-based paint.

Painting Furniture with Oil-Based Paint

Today we are continuing our Painting Furniture Tutorial Series with oil-based paint! Oil-based paint is very durable because of its hard shell.  Its beautiful glossy finish adheres well to most surfaces. Oil-based paint is hard to clean up since it is not water-based, and because of this I usually find myself opting for other paint types.  However, it does provide a beautiful and very strong finish.

Anthropologie knock off

Step One: Sand

Sanding before painting is always a good idea.

Step Two: Clean

Give the piece a good cleaning.  If it was sanded first, use a damp rag to remove the dust.  If the piece was not sanded, you can clean using a cleaner like Simple Green.

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Step Three: Prime

I would always suggest priming, especially if the piece was not sanded.  It will be well worth your time and energy to have a piece that doesn’t chip or peel.  Remember to use an oil-based primer.  Keep in mind that oil-based paint will take a while to dry.  I would estimate 24 hours for a coat to dry.

Step Four: Paint

How the paint is applied will determine the look of the paint.  Use a foam roller for a smooth look and a brush for a more rustic look.

Adding Gray copy

Step Five: Seal

Seal oil-based paint with an oil-based finish.

Latex Paint Tutorial

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