Painting Furniture Series

I’m celebrating the release of my new eBook with this new series!  I won’t go as in-depth as I do in my book, but I will provide you with the basic steps to painting a piece using five different paint types.  Discover which paint works best for your next painting furniture project.

Painting Furniture Tutorial Series by Sincerely Sara D

I am providing tutorials for these five different types of paints:

Latex Paint

Click HERE for the Latex Paint Tutorial and learn about using water-based paint (wall paint) on your furniture.  

Chalk Type Paint

Click HERE for the Chalk-Type Tutorial, and you will fall in love with not needing to sand or prime with this paint.

  Milk Paint

Click HERE for the Milk Paint Furniture Tutorial and learn how to use this paint that will surprise you every time.

  Spray Paint

Click HERE for the Spray Paint Furniture Tutorial if you want a very quick solution.  

Oil-Based Paint

Click HERE for the Oil-Based Paint Furniture Tutorial if you want a finish that is a hard enamel.  

If you want more detailed tutorials and information beyond this painting furniture series on painting furniture with chalk-type paint, milk paint, spray paint, latex paint, and oil-based paint, then you need to check out my eBook, Painting Furniture.  You can receive a FREE copy by signing up for my newsletter.    

Go paint something!

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