Painted Ticking Striped Wall

Today I’m sharing the tutorial for a painted ticking striped wall.


In my boys’ bathroom, I was inspired by the classic “ticking stripes” when I painted the walls.  To paint a ticking striped wall, it’s not hard.  It just requires a little patience and LOTS of (Frog Tape) painter’s tape.

Wall Stripes 1

I always find the center of the wall when I begin my painting projects.  Here I found the center, drew a thin pencil line using a level, and placed painters’ tape over top. Wall Stripes 2

I found that using two sizes of painters taped help make this project much easier.  (You can just double up the regular-sized painter’s tape for the thicker stripe rather than buyer the thicker width.)

Wall Stripes 3

I repeated the same pattern over and over:  thin – thin – thick – thin – thin

Wall Stripes 4

I then removed the two inside thin tape lines.  This helps me have the perfect lines I was hoping for.

Wall Stripes 5

I taped the same pattern over and over: thin – thin – thick – thin -thin

Wall Stripes 6

And pulled away from the middle thin lines.

Wall Stripes 7

After a lot of patience, the taping was done!

Wall Stripes 8

I painted over the entire wall with a lighter gray.

Wall Stripes 9

And when I pulled back all that tape, I had my ticking-inspired striped wall!

Boys Bathroom - AFTER 7 Ticking Stripes Painted

There were a few spots I had to touch up, but not many!  The tape really does do a great job keeping the paint out – you do not want to buy generic painter’s tape for this project.  It’s expensive, but Frog Tape is worth the extra money.  (And no, I’m not being paid to say this!) Want to see more of my boys’ bathroom?  Click on the photo below.


Go create something!

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