DIY Laundry Room Pegboard

We used this DIY laundry room pegboard for awhile and loved how well it organized our laundry room while looking nice.  However, we have since transformed our laundry room yet again – more into our dream space.  You can see all the details of that DIY HERE.

Laundry Room Pegboard

This pegboard wall would also be a great solution for a crafter and all the supplies that come with crafting! (see the tutorial for creating the fabric wall in my laundry room here).

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Peg Board (4′ x 8′)
  • (6) Furring Strips (1″x 2″ x 8″)
  • Chop Saw (to cut the wood strips to size)
  • Nails
  • Hammer or Nail Gun
  • Screws
  • Electric Screwdriver
  • Primer & Paint
  • Paint Roller

To begin, decide where you want your peg board to go and what size you want it to be.

Peg board typically comes in a 4 feet x 8 feet sheet, and I decided to not make any cuts and keep it the full size.  I found the center of my wall and measured out where my peg board would go.

You will want to create a frame for the peg board so it sits off the wall.  In order to easily do this, I took my level and drew the perimeter of the 4’x8′ rectangle.

Once I knew where my pegboard was going, I found the studs and tried to strategically place my furring strips over the studs.  This proved to be a little tricky since some of the furring strips were not straight.

I used a nail gun to hang my strips (best investment ever).

After the frame was up, we added several more furring strips for support since I was going to be hanging some heavier items like my iron and ironing board.

We went through and drilled holes for the screws.

The majority of the screws were in studs.

We marked off the studs above the peg board.

We then attached the pegboard with screws making sure the majority were in studs.

I primed and painted the pegboard using Zinsser Primer 123 and finished it with Valspar’s Signature Paint + Primer in Coconut Milk (one of my favorite colors).

Once the paint was dry, I hung my laundry supplies!

If you want to see all the details on where I found the supplies for my laundry room pegboard, you can check out this post.

I have plenty of room to add more items if needed.

This laundry room makeover was feature in This Old House magazine – read more HERE!

Go create something!

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