Colorful Fairy Tale Art

I recently discovered the most fun Colorful Fairy Tale Art by Hal the Gal (Hallie M. Bertling). Hallie loves bringing favorite classic stories to life through in-depth research, bright colors, and a great pair of shoes – allowing readers to step into the adventures for themselves!

Colorful Fairy Tale Art

There are definite perks to having everyone at home right now – I’ve had my kids pose for photoshoots several times this week!

Hallie gifted me with two limited edition reproductions of “Wendy loves Peter Pan” and “Off to Neverland.” I was asked to share the prints on Instagram, but I love them so much I wanted to share here on the blog as well!

Hallie shares the gouache painting process on her website, and it is AMAZING how much thought, research, and time is put into each painting. You can see more on that process HERE.

Here’s a close-up of “Wendy loves Peter Pan.”

And a close-up of “Off to Neverland.” Both can be purchased framed or unframed HERE.

Hallie has an entire faerie tale feet series that you can find HERE which includes everything from The Wizard of Oz to The Secret Garden to Anne of Green Gables.

She also has has prints, stickers, journals and pins of her artwork which also includes a Harry Potter series.

Hallie has created something for everyone, and her art is timeless and will be loved by all – young AND old!

I’ve teamed up with Hallie on Instagram for a giveaway. You can enter here on Instagram beginning March 19th.

Hallie has created artwork that is unique and fun. You can’t help but look at one of her pieces and instantly be transformed into the story. Take a look at all she has in her shop HERE.

Go create something!

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