Photo Wall Ideas

I love using photo galleries in our home, and I’m sharing several photo wall ideas for your home. Most of the ideas are fairly inexpensive and easy to create!

Old Photo Wall

I recently added a photo wall gallery to our upstairs hallway, and you can see more on that makeover HERE. This gallery is inexpensive and fairly easy to recreate. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • IKEA Frames – These frames are only $12.99, and hold photos that are 16×20. They also come pre-matted!
  • Photos – I scanned some old family photos and sent them to our local office supply store to be printed. They printed on normal paper, so the quality isn’t great (but the old photos aren’t great quality to begin with).

And that is it! This is by far one of my less expensive gallery walls, and I love the nod to our heritage.

Framed Silhouettes

I know technically this isn’t a photo wall, but it is made from photographs so that counts, right? Silhouettes are such a fun way to decorate the walls, and these silhouettes are SO easy to create (they’re also very inexpensive).

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Oval frame – I found mine at Walmart for around $6, but they were black and I painted them gold. If you prefer not to paint your own, here are some gold oval frames.
  • Digital profile photo – I used my phone to take the photos and emailed them to myself.
  • Black paper – You will cut the profile from this.
  • Double stick tape
  • Scissors

You can see the tutorial for making framed silhouettes HERE!

Classic Photos

This photo wall near our kitchen is the my most asked about photo gallery. This one was SO easy, but it is much more expensive. BUT, the photos came frames AND matted and I just had to hang them. You can see more details HERE.

Is the above option out of your prices range? Check out this other options that is very similar in look!

For this wall, I inexpensive frames and had my photos printed online. The reason I ended up replacing was because the frames are inexpensive and did eventually warp AND I love gold!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • IKEA frames – These fit 16×20 images but do warp easily. Try hanging by two nails on the far ends to help avoid this.
  • Photos – I used an online photo printer for mine.

I created a post about this wall several years ago, and you can read all the details HERE.

Go create something!

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Large Photo Gallery Wall

I have always wanted to add a large photo gallery wall to our home, and now we have one! We recently remodeled our kitchen (to see more on that DIY, GO HERE).  As a result of the remodel, I was left with a much smaller wall than before. Large Photo Gallery Wall Before the remodel we had our piano along this wall.

It’s hard to tell from my photos, but there was a closet at the end which we removed (the closet took up space in the kitchen).  The navy wall moved down towards the entry to open a walkway into the kitchen.  The newly shortened wall did not allow for the piano any more, so we moved the piano into our library (which was once my home office).

The wall is visible from the front door and our living room, so I still wanted it to be a (pretty) focal point, but there was not room for furniture (unless I was okay with people bumping into it as they entered).  I decided a large photo gallery wall was the perfect solution for the space.

The walls are painted in Valspar’s Night View – my favorite deep navy/moody color right now.

The frames are RIBBA frames from IKEA.  I went with the $14.99 version, and the mat frames a 16×20 photograph.  They come with plexiglass instead of glass, but I actually prefer the plexiglass because it makes the frames less heavy than they would be with the glass (and I don’t have to worry about my kids breaking them).

If you don’t have an IKEA near you, the RIBBA frames are available online.  Just make sure to select the correct size for your project – they offer several sizes.

The photo prints are 16×20 and are from Mpix.  Mpix is my favorite online photo printer.  They can be pricier than some, but the quality is really good.  They do offer coupon codes from time to time, so be on the lookout! I have used these frames in many other rooms in my house.  The are definitely a favorite of mine right now.  I love the simple lines and the price!

After I posted this, I painted my outlet to match the wall – it was driving me crazy.  Just in case it bothered anyone else…

Go create something! 

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