Decorating with Navy

Navy blue is a modern neutral that plays well with just about any color, including every other shade of blue which is why decorating with navy is so easy.

I partnered with Amy Howard Home to share their Color of the Month. This is a new monthly subscription where Color of the Month subscribers will receive a new color every month exclusive to the club. This month’s Color of the Month is Button Up Blue, and it is a beautiful navy blue.

Navy Blue is a very dark shade of the color blue, and it got its name from the dark blue worn by officers in the Royal Navy (which was adopted by other navies around the world).

Blue is one of the world’s most popular colors (with nearly half of men (42%) and one-third of women (30%) claiming blue as their favorite color). It is the color of skies and oceans and is often described as being tranquil, peaceful, secure, and full of serenity. Blue can lift our mood and improve the energy of a space.

From a color psychology perspective, blue is typically associated with stability and trustworthiness—there is a reason blue is universally appealing. By incorporating this shade of blue into your designs, you can create a sense of stability in your space.

Digging even deeper into blue tones, different blue tones evoke different feelings:

  • DARK BLUE: trust, dignity, intelligence, authority
  • BRIGHT BLUE: cleanliness, strength, coolness
  • LIGHT BLUE: peace, serenity, spiritual

Navy’s dark tones capture the eye and cause brighter colors to pop. It compliments all styles of decor, and is a wonderful color to add to any space. However, it is a very dark color that should be balanced to ensure it doesn’t overwhelm.

Navy & White

White is a classic high-contrast partner that compliments navy well. Consider painting furniture or cabinets in Button Up Blue with a backdrop of crisp white walls for an energizing effect. In addition to white, consider cool snow-white, off-whites and creams to partner with navy.

I’ve paired Button Up Blue with various colors from the One Step Paint line (minus gold) for each color palette:

Navy & Yellow

Yellow creates a dynamic color scheme when paired with navy blue. Shades of yellow (soft butter yellow and rich mustard yellow) offer warmth and brilliance as they stand out vividly against the cool deep tones of navy blue. Us this color combination for your space as blue and yellow are opposites on the color wheel and play well together

Navy & Gold

Similar to yellow, gold is a perfect complement to navy blue. Incorporate the color into your navy blue room with metallic gold accents and this hue lightens up dark navy blue colors to ward off a gloomy look. A large gold mirror on a navy blue wall, for example, will reflect light around the space to create an expansive effect.

Navy & Pink

Decorating with Navy

Pink adds a sweet note to the soft navy, and just about any shade of pink works well with navy – everything from the most subtle blush to the loudest fuschia.

Navy & Red

Red and navy is an all-American pairing. It is a classic interior color scheme, and red provides a striking contrast against navy blue – especially in more modern or eclectic designs. Consider pairing navy with more muted shades of red such as salmon, burgundy or brick red to provide a more sophisticated tone.

Navy & Green

Navy and green work well together because green is created from blue (mix yellow with blue and you have green). Both are colors of nature and live together in perfect harmony. The luxurious tones looks gorgeous together – think about more jewel-toned hues of green to make an space feel sumptuous.

Navy & Blue

Mix blues together to create a serene color scheme that is reminiscent of clear blue skies over large bodies of water. For a monochromatic color combination, select lighter shades of navy or for a more tropical look, choose green-tinted colors such as aqua and turquoise.

Go create something!

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