Mexican Vacation: Sayulita

While on our Mexican vacation, we spent time exploring the colorful surf town of Sayulita.

Trip to Mexico. Exploring the colorful and beautiful surf town of Sayulita.

In the middle of the kitchen remodel, Steve and I took a break and traveled to Mexico with some friends.  We had planned this trip way before we knew the remodel was actually going to happen, and right before the trip I questioned our plans.  The timing seemed all wrong, but the Mexican vacation (and exploring Sayulita) ended up being the best thing – both for our sanity and our marriage! Remodels are rough enough but when the DIY factor is added in, it can be just plain awful.  We have spent all our free time on projects, so it was such a blessing to have some time to relax and not worry about the next DIY project… While in Mexico, we spent a day at the gorgeous and colorful surf town of Sayulita.  It is about a 45 minute drive from Nuevo Vallarta (near Puerta Vallarta). Mexican Vacation Exploring Sayulita The sites and sounds of this beach town are definitely worth exploring. The streets leading to the beach are lined with markets and shops selling the most gorgeous and colorful things.

The beach itself is pretty, but it is a dark sand and seems to be fairly rocky.  However, the water was warm and the waves are so fun!

Surfers are everywhere and surf lessons are offered to anyone willing to try.  However, the undertow is pretty strong and being a good swimmer is definitely a requirement.

The streets of Sayulita are lined with festive, colorful buntings.

Cute little shops line the streets and are surrounded by open markets.

I was in complete awe of the gorgeous and colorful handmade goods.  I felt like a kid in the candy store – I wanted it all (but unfortunately ran out of cash pretty quickly).

The textures and patterns are absolutely stunning.

The colors are so vibrant and alive.

I found a gorgeous handmade shirt for me and a dress for my daughter.

Even the buildings boast the beautiful colors and patterns.


Sayulita is refreshing and so inspiring.

Inspiration is everywhere.  There are artists crafting their crafts right on the streets.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Sayulita in Mexico, I highly encourage it!

Go create something!

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