Moving On

Moving On – Hopefully Soon! All my projects have come to a halt for a while. Any extra time I have is now devoted to cleaning, organizing, donating, and storing. We’re selling our house. It’s funny because just a few weeks ago I was deeply grieving leaving our first home. There are so many memories here – all three kids were born here (well, not actually here…in the hospital…but you know what I mean), we had (and have) some of the most amazing neighbors/friends here, and we’ve experienced joys and sorrows here. It’s been the perfect home for our family for the past nine years. However, I’m over it now. That’s what 31 house showings with three kids can do. I’m ready to sell, buy our new home and get back to my projects! We’re praying our house sells quickly, and I’m excited to share with you as I create, design, and paint our next home! Until then, I’ll be making numerous trips to storage in an attempt to make our home appear full of endless space which I hope translates into the perfect place for someone else… STORAGE
Moving on…
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