All You Need to Know About Shiplap

Thanks to HGTV’s Fixer Upper, the Gaines’ love for shiplap walls has spread like wild fire across the nation.  These wooden boards add dimension and interest to any space.
All You Need to Know About Shiplap

Shiplap is not a new concept.  It is a type of wooden interior wall paneling identified by long horizontal (or vertical panels) with distinctive channels in between the boards. Original shiplap was often used in construction of homes (and other buildings) and has long been popular in areas with harsh climates because of its excellent weather protection.

Today, if it is found underneath wallpaper or drywall, it is essentially the equivalent of finding hardwood underneath carpeting.  However, most of us are not so lucky to rip open a wall and discover shiplap.  Instead, many of us are replicating the look.

Studio McGee has the most beautiful mudroom with shiplap walls:

Mudroom+Storage+||+Studio+McGee Shiplap

Jenna Sue Designs has the most gorgeous shiplap walls in her bathroom.


I decided I needed to add some shiplap to my home, so I started researching DIY tutorials to achieve the shiplap look.

I discovered the three most common ways people achieve shiplap:

  • Ripping down plywood underlayment sheets into planks
  • Installing pre-cut v-groove wood planks
  • Ripping down tempered hardboard into planks

Here are a few great tutorials I found on each option:

 Table and Hearth used plywood underlayment sheets ripped down to 8″ planks:


Bless’er House used pre-cut v-groove wood planks.


And My Love 2 Create advises against using the tempered hardboard she used.  After a lot of work, she managed to DIY a pretty placed wall:

long shot of plank wall, MyLove2Create

I spent last weekend working on my shiplap wall, and I’m excited to share it with you.  Which DIY shiplap tutorial do you think I went with?  Click HERE or on the photo below to find out!



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