The Best Smart Light Bulbs

The Best Smart Light Bulbs

I recently discovered Bulbrite’s Solana Smart LED Bulbs, and they are pretty amazing. I have tried smart lighting in the past, but it has always required wiring a new power switch or a hub. These smart bulbs require neither – it is as easy as screwing in a light bulb!

**UPDATED** Unfortunately our WiFi wasn’t strong enough for these bulbs. They worked, but I had to reset them weekly which proved to be frustrating. I was really bummed because I loved all of their features and the aesthetics of the Edison bulbs.

The Best Smart Light Bulbs

In my profession, lighting is important. I usually have to turn off my lights for photos because most lighting is warm. Warm lighting is nice to live in, but it is not great for color and photos.

Using the app, I switched my lights to cool…

The Best Smart Light Bulbs

And then back to warm…

And the switch was made in seconds with a click of a button!

Setup is easily controlled through the Bulbrite Solana app. Once the app is loaded, you simply connect each smart bulb via your wifi.

Once the bulbs are connected, they can be assigned to certain areas or groups. I have three groups:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen Pendants

The grouping feature allows for control of lighting in a particular space at once.

The Bulbrite Solana Bulbs allow for programmed scene settings, schedules, and manual controls.

Scene Setting

You can set the perfect scenes for every moment in your day – everything from bright, cool lighting on a cloudy day to warm to dimmed lighting for dinner.

Schedule Setting

You can set schedules to create automated settings to control your lighting all day and never have to worry about leaving the lights on while you’re away or use the bulbs in your bedroom and schedule them to brighten in the morning.

Manual Control

If you left a light (or lights) on, you can shut it off from the app wherever you are.

I only have the bulbs in our main living area, but I can see these being especially helpful in bedrooms. You can set the perfect preset scene for reading a book in bed and receive a nice wake up in the morning as the bulbs can be scheduled to gradually brighten in the morning – just like a gentle sunrise. You will never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again with a wake up like that!

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The Best Smart Light Bulbs

Want to see the bulbs in action? Watch this quick video:

Where would you use the Bulbrite Solana bulbs in your home?

The Best Smart Light Bulbs is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bulbrite. All opinions are 100% mine.

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